The unsurprising yet often overlooked reason successfully gaining repeat business for your company is so important is that having a happy customer return means less energy and money can be spent attracting new ones.

Very recently, DWL, a high quality double glazier based in the South East, enjoyed all of the attractive benefits repeat business has to offer, treating a home in Tunbridge Wells to a beautiful glass balustrade, after enjoying a new set of sliding patio doors only months before. The homeowners that initially discovered DWL’s services online, now firmly cemented their trust in the company, returning once again to further enhance their property.

Always leave them impressed, and preferably coming back for more

The power of professionalism when working on site for a project, is undoubtedly invaluable. When previously installing a new set of Smart Visoglide Plus aluminium sliding patio doors for the Tunbridge Wells homeowner couple, they were left impressed by DWL’s work so much show that they felt the need to positively review the service online via Checkatrade, stating:

From the surveyors who came, and the installers. We must say the guys all turned up punctually on each occasion and executed their tasks with skill and dexterity to a very high standard.

This high level of workmanship not only increased the chances that their bespoke services would likely be called upon again, but positively boosted their online internet presence. Simple acts such as this further growing the chances that DWL would get seen, in effect marketing themselves for free through the power of good quality customer service alone.

An implicit sign of trust between installer and consumer

The homeowners’ trust in DWL’s services was recently cemented after notifying them of their intent to install a brand new glass balustrade to the rear of their home, in place of the dilapidated decking that had previously stood in their outside space. As a product, glass balustrades act as the most modern and versatile system capable for use as a railing system.

Upon the completion of this second install, the already-modern property could enjoy their raised outside area and better define space successfully whilst the home still remains beautiful and open. Should this happy couple’s property need renovating for a third time, it goes without saying that DWL will be the first company on their contact list – resulting in a repeat business customer that even has the potential to spread their experience positively to their friends and family.

Repeat business allows installers to be more profitable and sustain growth easily

DWL’s second installation project serves to successfully highlight the importance of repeat business within the construction industry, being the best way to affordably reach more people without the need to break the budget. Experience more profit and sustainable growth much like DWL Windows, Doors & Conservatories, take pride in the ability to garner repeat business.

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