Yesterday we had the news that Prefix Systems had acquired Pavilion Systems Ltd in Sussex, expanding Prefix’s national reach and manufacturing capabilities. You can read that story and my thoughts on the takeover here.

Today we have yet another major industry acquisition. UAP Limited have acquired Fullex Locks.

Here is the statement that has been put out by UAP on their website:

Over the past few months we have grown as a company considerably, having acquired CitySafe UK, the Shoerepairer Forum and now with this new acquisition.

This move was strategic and we hope attaining Fullex will help us establish ourselves further, as a leading and influential company, within the fenestration and door industry.

Fullex will be run as a separate entity to UAP, but will be within the UAP Group of companies, joining our ever-growing family.

Fullex, ‘best in design,’  is a leading manufacturer of locks and door hardware products. They were the very first company to be licensed by the Secured by Design police initiative and were responsible for the first UK manufactured, multipoint locking system in 1986.


Fullex have a fantastic brand reputation and a remarkable range of high quality products.

Their current range includes; multipoint locks for uPVC, composite and timber doors,6 or 8 hook inline sliding patio locks, an innovative and highly secure composite double door locking system, Kitemarked anti bump and anti snap cylinder systems, composite door hinges and a rapid egress PAS24 multipoint locking system.

All products in the range are PAS24 tested and Secured by Design approved. 

With the launch of at least another 3 products over the next few months, we both hope and believe, that with our input, we can enhance the Fullex brand significantly.

We welcome discussing Fullex, CitySafe and all UAP products with customers in 2017.

Check out the original article on the UAP website here

DGB Business


In the world of hardware, Fullex are a big deal. They are credited with being the first to manufacture multi-point locking here in the UK. They were the first to be Secure by Design credited. They have a strong reputation for quality and service, and as a brand they’re generally well respected throughout the whole of the fenestration market. This is a big move for UAP.

I have worked with UAP personally on DGB a few years ago. In fact they were my very first advertiser! I met them when they agreed to come on DGB, and I got to see their facility and services in Manchester. I can honestly say that they’re a great bunch of people with a strong work ethic and rich history. As is mentioned above, the group has undergone rapid expansion in the past few years via their acquisitions. I would say this might be their most important one yet.

This is industry consolidation no doubt. And it follows a trend that has begun this year, in which companies who have the time, money and resources, are going to the industry to buy up companies that suit their future business plans. This I think will continue in a strong vein in 2017, and we’ll see big groups getting even bigger, and small groups becoming big groups as their portfolio expands.

It’s going to change the entire dynamic and structure of our sector in quick time. How it affects our industry is yet to be known. Businesses on the acquisition trail have to work hard to integrate the companies they buy well, so that they don’t become failed ventures. It’s sometimes easier said than done. I expect 2017 to throw up a few whoppers along the way.

I wish both companies well in this new venture together, a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year for all.

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