The FDES (Fiche de Déclaration Environnementale et Sanitaire) for construction products provides information on their impact on the environment and the health of building users. This declaration, which is essential in France, focuses on the entire life cycle of a product. It is the decisive instrument for selecting suitable construction products for sustainable buildings. Swisspacer was one of the first on the market to publish the FDES for Swisspacer Advance and Ultimate as well as the Swisspacer Georgian bars. The Swiss company is also the only warm edge manufacturer to have extended its EPDs to EN15804+A2 (Cradle to Grave).

FDES report

Since the amendment of the French environmental regulation RE 2020 on 1 January 2021, manufacturers of construction products have been required to provide comprehensive evidence of the environmental and health impacts of their products, the FDES. It provides information on the entire life cycle, on all product components, raw material extraction, supplementary products during manufacture, installation and maintenance, as well as for transport and packaging.

In addition to the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), the FDES also includes information on health and user comfort: the effects of the product on the health quality of indoor spaces and water are also assessed. In addition, the contribution to the quality of life in the building is recorded, including hygrothermal, acoustic, visual and olfactory comfort. The FDES must be verifiably prepared by an independent organisation and audited by a third party and is valid for five years. The particular advantage: the FDES provides objective, comparable, multi-criteria, quantitative and qualitative information. It forms the basis for architects, planners and building owners to make the right choice for the most sustainable building possible.

Swisspacer is one of the first manufacturers to publish the FDES for the warm edge spacer bars Swisspacer Advance, Ultimate and the Swisspacer Georgian bars. The premium manufacturer has also updated its EPDs and is the only one on the market to extend them to the EN15804+A2 “Cradle to Grave” standard. This underlines the company’s ambitions in terms of sustainability: “Our spacer bars demonstrably help to save energy – and therefore CO2 – in buildings. We will also continuously reduce our footprint in production and have it reliably documented by EPDs and FDES,” emphasises Björn Kluth, Head of Sales and Marketing France at Swisspacer.

The FDES is published in the French national reference database for environmental and health data on construction products INIES. Like the updated EPDs, it is also available in the Swisspacer download area.


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