DGB Jobs has been live for around three weeks now, in what has been a trial period for the service. It is a new, free to use service for fenestration companies looking to fill positions in their business, and for those looking for a new direction in the UK glazing industry.

I have decided that the trial period is now over, after receiving nearly 20 job submissions since it’s launch. This was a far better response than I had originally anticipated. In fact I expected DGB Jobs to be a bit of a slow burner, growing slowly over time. However, it has taken off far better than I thought it would.

I will now turn my attention to improving the service. Specifically I need to tweak the functionality of DGB Jobs. There is a lot of detail included with each job submission. I need to work on ways to make this look better on screen, and easier to browse. There are a couple of ways I could do this, including a tabs system, or to integrate “read more” buttons which reveal more of the job submission details once a user has clicked the “read more” button.

A few have mentioned that it should be a service I charge for. As I explained when I launched it, I’m not doing it for the money. Rather, to expand the DGB website and the services it provides. To bring more diverse traffic to the site than it otherwise would have. However, I reserve the right to change this stance. And I may still consider implementing a “premium” listing option where companies will pay a small fee to have their advert positioned and highlighted in a more prominent position on the page.

DGB Tech

Part of wider expansion

DGB Jobs is just one of a number of new ideas and trials that I plan to implement on DGB throughout this year.

I want DGB to evolve beyond just a daily blog site. I have already started to do this, creating content specific areas in 2016. DGB Features, for example, focuses specifically on mergers and acquisitions, special series, industry reports etc. DGB Business collates only business related content in our industry, and hosts specific new posts on that subject matter. There is DGB Brexit, which is fairly obvious. And DGB Guides, which collates all Top 5, Top 10 and how-to posts ever published on DGB.

But for DGB to continue to grow, stay relevant to the industry it’s aimed at, and attract new a more diverse audience, I need to try new things. DGB Jobs is just one of a list of ideas I plan to try in the coming months.

Some will stick, some will not. The next one I plan to push is a long promised revamp of DGB Consumer. I have already started making some changes, and will remove it from the main menu as soon as I start to make bigger structural changes to that part of the site. As soon as I am happy with it it will be relaunched in an effort to make DGB more useful for the home owners that find their way on to here. A number which I believe continues to grow.

There is also DGB Sites. This will be a smaller addition to the DGB ecosystem. This will be a list of useful sites across the industry that I believe are of use to both the industry and home owners. This will not be in any way a place to advertise certain sites over another. There will be no early advertising options. I simply hope to grow a useful resource of websites that people will consult when they are in need of advice.

There are a number of other ideas, but I don’t want to give too much away at this point. I want to thank the companies that have already used DGB Jobs to advertise their company vacancies, and hope that many more will continue to use it going forwards.

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