This is no ordinary profile system; it’s a trailblazing, quantum leap in PVCu fabrication. A pioneering new suite of extrusions for double flush windows and doors. Designed by fabricators for fabricators. So you can stand out from the crowd with high quality, highly-desirable products that satisfy the growing demand for flush windows.

That is how VEKA describes their new Omnia flush range of windows and doors they announced to the world last week. As you’ll all be well aware, I rather like flush windows. I think they have been the single biggest innovation in PVCu windows in the last decade or two, and managed to breathe some life back into a pretty dull part of the market. Now, they make up a significant portion of sales across the market, and it appears VEKA have now started the firing gun on a new wave of innovation in this sector.

Double flush windows and doors

As I make my first impressions of this range, for added context, there are other double flush systems out there. Liniar have their 80mm Resurgence range which came out a few years ago. Residence Collection have the R7 which is also double flush.

However, unless I am missing something obvious in the PVCu space, is the first complete suite of double flush PVCu windows and doors, covering:

  • casement windows
  • tilt and turn windows
  • entrance residential doors
  • French doors

This would allow fabricators and installers the ability to offer homeowners a complete suite of fully double flush windows and doors across all product groups. Speaking with my installer and sales head on, this will prove to be an attractive USP to offer my clients. I sell a lot of flush PVCu but am currently unable to offer everything flush across an entire house refit. Now, once Omnia becomes available, I will be able to offer my clients a fully double flush option to all items.

Key stats

Before I cover some of the the more detailed features, here are some of the key takeaways from the Omnia range, some of which will be important for 2025 FHS which isn’t that far away:

  • Timberweld® compatible – ability to have timber look joints internally and externally across the entire Omnia range
  • Double, triple glazed and VIG compatible – from 28mm to 44mm down to super-slim VIG units
  • full compliance with 2025 regulations
  • New shadow line – no gasket between the outer edge of the sash and outer frame

VEKA Omnia shadow line

I want to start with the shadow line. As popular as flush windows have been over the last few years, perhaps the only aesthetic detail which some homeowners can sometimes question is the visible gasket that is on the external side of these windows. It’s not too bad if you choose a dark colour like Schwarzbraun or Anthracite Grey as it more or less becomes hidden. But once you move to lighter colours it becomes more obvious and at that point it can be a detail that people have mixed opinions on.

What I think is one of the immediate positives with Omnia is that it removes the gasket from the outside completely. As you can see in the cross section, it’s new construction lifts the front edge of the outer frame higher and the inner edge lower, in essence creating a double rebate and ridding the need for the external gasket to provide weather protection.

From a fabricators point of view, this will make the process a bit easier and consume a little less time. From an installers point of view, it removes having to explain the gasket from the conversation with the homeowner, and the end user gets to look at a neater double flush window and door system.


The reason why Omnia can be double flush and remove the use of the external gasket is down to it’s construction. You can see a more detailed breakdown of the cross section and double rebate here:

VEKA Omnia Double Rebate

As you can see, there is a gasket there, but it is now hidden away at the back edge of the external side of the flush sash, thus allowing for that shadow line and no surface-facing gasket. You can also see clearer how the outer frame raises up to one side, allowing for the double rebated construction. This should allow better weather and thermal performance, giving peace of mind to both fabricators and installers.

There is also a wide range of colour options that is going to be available with the Omnia range:

Omnia colour range chart

They are launching with some new colours as well, including Ginger Oak, Claystone and Sage Green. I would be interested in seeing the Ginger Oak on an installed job. I think wood grains look better in flush as a general rule and could look fantastic on the right property.

One out, one in?

VEKA, along with the Halo range, already have an extensive portfolio of systems to choose from. Omnia, with it’s double flush design across all windows, doors and French doors is as comprehensive as it comes. So I do wonder if with the launching of this, that over time at least one older system is going to be gradually retired.

It will likely come down to a question of investment. It costs a lot of money to bring out new systems like Omnia, as well as time and effort. It also takes a lot of money to reinvent an existing system. It may well be that Omnia becomes a natural replacement for other systems and then other dated options become gradually phased out.

Personally, I am excited to be able to start selling this to my own clients. As I mentioned, I am a big fan of flush anyway. Being able to offer entrance doors and French doors that are double flush alongside windows is going to be a strong USP and I am confident homeowners are going to excited by it.

View the full demo video:

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