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One of the industry’s most recognisable titans of uPVC windows and doors, Kömmerling has made a name for itself as being a uPVC system that has a global reach. In order to best highlight what makes their uPVC windows of value to tradesmen, here are just 14 reasons why you should consider installing their products:

1. One of the swiftest uPVC systems to fabricate and install

Single leg glazing bead makes each Kömmerling frame much easier to install on site, letting you and your team complete fittings quickly while retaining quality to maximise profitability.

2. uPVC window frames that utilise steel reinforcement

Steel reinforcement is utilised in Kömmerling profile where needed, introducing a greater sense of structural sense and rigidity not often found in other uPVC window systems.

3. Curved slimline frames create a ‘softer’ aesthetic and appearance

The ovolo design of Kömmerling’s O70 Gold shows off soft sculptured lines in the frame, sash and glazing bead, resulting in a very attractive and clean aesthetic that’s appealing to homeowners.

4. Certified to BS7412, BS7413, PAS023, PAS024, and BS7950

Letting installers add Kömmerling uPVC windows to their product portfolio with complete confidence, all frames are engineered in compliance with BS7412, BS7413, PAS023, PAS024, and BS7950 specifications.

5. Available in 44 woodgrain and coloured finishes

Kömmerling has invested in an extensive range of convincing woodgrain foils and colour finishes to give every installer the ability to cater for every style and age property. From Irish Oak to Rosewood, Kömmerling uPVC windows can easily replace original timber frames.

6. Extruded using Kömmerling’s lead-free uPVC Greenline compound

The O70 Gold system has been designed to help preserve nature’s resources, created using recycled materials to form Kömmerling’s lead-free compound – Greenline.

7. 5 chambered internal profile for improved thermal performance

Unlike the typical 3 chambered design found in most rival systems, Kömmerling’s uPVC windows make use of 2 more, meaning that heat can more easily be trapped to offer reduced U-values and improved energy efficiency.

8. 23% of all frames made within Europe use Kömmerling

Choosing to add Kömmerling uPVC windows to your product range means joining an exclusive network of international installers that each believe in the quality of the brand. A whopping 23% of all window frames in Europe are Kömmerling, being a make people are familiar with and trust.

9. The perfect choice for residential homeowners

Durable, low maintenance, and configurable to multiple shapes, sizes, and styles, Kömmerling uPVC windows are very much what you make them. They are perfectly suited residential homes, ready to be configured in any way that will help you best appeal to your desired market.

10. Tested for resistance under extreme conditions

To ensure the very best protection and strength, all Kömmerling uPVC windows have been proven to perform in various kinds of extreme weather conditions. From testing frames for 15 years at 2,300 metres above sea level to strong UV exposure, heavy storms, and freezing temperatures, the system has been put through its paces, proven to be the best.

11. Integrated multi-point locking

Helping to improve safety tenfold is the fact that all Kömmerling uPVC windows can make use of integrated multi-point locking, and even lockable handles.

12. Proven to increase property value

Kömmerling windows built and installed with this state-of-the-art-technology raises the value of any property in which they are installed, both now and far into the future. Ideal for appealing to homeowner developers and investors.

13. Innovative eurogroove profile feature

The central, full groove eurogroove design featured in each Kömmerling uPVC window helps make them more secure, working in tandem with exterior locking systems.

14. Next day frame delivery service with Alex Trade Frames

Helping to add more value to the prospect of adding Kömmerling uPVC windows for installers is North West window fabricator Alex Trade Frames who, along with their 25+ years of experience, offer a bespoke next day frame service. Providing you place an order before 3pm, no matter where you need them Alex Trade will fulfil your order to help you better complete those last minute jobs.

For more information on Alex Trade Frames’ services and why they are an ideal choice of Kömmerling supply and manufacturer, call today on 0161 482 2323 or message them online.

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