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As an industry we appear to have come full circle. The demand for PVCu products that look like their timber counterparts is growing all the time. Driven by home owners looking for the mix of traditional timber aesthetics but with all the performance and maintenance benefits that PVCu products bring.

This is where the Heritage Collection and in particular the Genus brand of windows and doors from leading PVCu fabricator John Fredericks is set to benefit from this rising demand. With it’s traditional looks and standard specification designed to match that of timber windows, the Heritage Collection range of windows and doors provides that balance between looks and performance.

The specification

As you would imagine, the Heritage Collection of timber alternative windows is a highly specified product. For example, all windows come with dummy vents as standard to every fixed section, just as traditional timber windows would.

The Heritage Collection offers the choice between rebated and flush welded sash options but John Fredericks haven’t stopped there and have already raised the bar further with their Genus flush sash window. Genus has all the benefits associated with the umbrella Heritage collection but is assembled using traditional joinery techniques to give the window a butt joint internally and externally. With Genus mechanical joints to flush sash outer frames, joints and mullions and steel reinforcement as standard, this is a window built to last.

There is a wide range of coloured wood grains, all with White wood grain internal finish including: White wood grain, Agate Grey, Irish Oak, Cream, Ivory, French Grey, Balmoral, Black and Anthracite Grey. John Fredericks also has the option to custom spray their Heritage range to any RAL colour, giving the home owner and installers total colour choice.

The hardware is as traditional as you would expect too. With a mix of monkey tail, tear drop shape handles and peg stays, available in a range of polished, brushed and traditional mottled finishes. There is the usual push-button handles available, but the monkey tail and tear drop handles will always look best with this kind of window.

Heritage Collection windows come with a range of glazing options too, including high quality Georgian bars and all your leading options if you’re shooting for a traditional look to the glazing.

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Answering demand

Ask installers about trends and demands from home owners, and I’m sure they will tell you that many home owners now look for a PVCu solution for their windows and doors, but with all the looks and characteristics of timber. The best of low maintenance PVCu, coupled with the best bits of timber. And that is what the Heritage Collection from John Fredericks aims to provide.

With Genus mechanical joints throughout, a 70mm frame front to back, a wide range of coloured wood grain finishes, traditional or contemporary hardware suites, A rated WER as standard and a build quality that will stand the test of time, the Heritage Collection provides an affordable alternative to timber and a compelling window and door solution for both installers and home owners too.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that demand for this kind of product is only going to rise in the coming years. This isn’t a fad that will be around for a few years. This is a fundamental shift in home owner demand and what they expect from their PVCu windows and doors. Traditional looks, high energy efficiency and superior build quality are all part and parcel of the overall package.

So if you’re an installer and you’re looking to change suppliers or enter a new part of the market, John Fredericks’ Heritage Collection ticks all the boxes.

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