A little while ago I launched a multiple-poll post in an effort to find out what the industry thinks our most popular products should be sold to home owners for. You can catch up on that post by clicking here.

I’m not going to analyse all the results given here, there’s too much to go through in one post. So I’ll break up my analysis into a few posts over the course of this week.

The results

Below are all the questions asked, along with the results of each question and how many votes were cast. I’m not counting any more votes cast in the polls, so these are accurate as of the publishing of this post.

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There are some interesting extremes on all of the results above. Some seem to want to almost give their products away. Some seem to have some horrendous overheads. Of course all answers given are anonymous in these polls and it does depend on the specific situation that person or business. For example, a one man band won’t have to charge as much as a company with staff, buildings, machinery etc.

Over the coming days I’ll be breaking down the results and trying to gauge the mindset of the industry and what it might mean for prices moving forwards.

Thanks to all those who have voted.

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