No, I’m not pulling your leg, that is the headline of this post and the video below, unless you’ve already seen it, will explain the rest:

Unless I’m being fooled by a very good impersonator, that is indeed one of the all-time most successful boxers advertising new windows and doors for £299 each for a British window firm. This is the boxer that took on Connor McGregor in a UFC/boxing mash-up. One of the highest paid athletes ever. So what on earth is he doing taking a job like this? Has he spent all that UFC money already?

There is a reason why his nickname is “money”, he knows how to make it. So my guess is that the owners of Love Windows, which I’ll try and shed more light on later, will have had to pay a pretty penny to land this advert. But it’s not the first time Love Windows has bagged someone famous for it’s advertising duties:

That’s June Brown by the way. I always thought Dot Cotton was better than Pat Butcher any day of the week.

June Brown is one of the UK’s most respected and well known soap actresses so won’t have come cheap either. Perhaps not Mayweather money, but would have cost a fair bit more than a Pat Butcher or Cannon & Ball.

So, who are Love Windows, and how have they managed to hit the ground running with these well known celebs?

DGB Business

About Love Windows

Love Windows are a brand new company. A check on Companies House tells us that they were incorporated on 16th April 2018, with their registered offices in Covent Garden in London. They currently have one active Director, by name of Khayam Hussain, who resides in Bradford. The company however appears to have majority share ownership by a person called Jonathon O’Grady, who according to Companies House owns at least 75% of the shares in the company and has the right to appoint and remove directors.

I’m not familiar with either of those names. I have done some brief digging on both but have come up with nothing substantial. Although I shall keep trying and update with post with any new information I might find.

I have also been looking at their website, and it does have a very familiar feel about it. It’s designed well enough, not a big website by any means, compatible on all devices. But if you go to you’ll know what I mean. It does feel a bit familiar to another site of another relatively new company to the industry shaking things up. Might that be a clue to where Love Windows has come from?

There are other things as well. They use an 0800 number. They have a 15 year guarantee. The adverts are filmed in a very similar style. Then there are the job sections on each site. Check out the Love Windows text on their jobs page:

Love Windows operate a large fleet of cars, fitting vans and trucks, which means that our customers are assured of a smooth and speedy service. It also means that we have work opportunities available for those looking for their next exciting career move.

Other exciting opportunities are available at our manufacturing facility and network of branches, so whether you’re interested in a job in sales, installations, transport, manufacturing, or administration, contact Love Windows today.

We recruit and work with the best and would love to hear from you.

And now SafeGlaze:

With a transport fleet of cars, fitting vans and trucks servicing the large area we cover, our customers are assured of a seamless service.
Our approved manufacturing facility serves as a central hub for a network of branches that runs far and wide, and we’re always looking to recruit and work with the best individuals.

Whether you are interested in sales, installations, surveys, services, transport, manufacturing, administration, head office roles or anything else, why not contact us and drop us a line today!

They’re a tad similar if you ask me.

I have been looking for any connections between the two, but I have yet to find anything conclusive, other than that Love Windows also operates out of Bradford.

At £299 per window they’re aiming at the same market as their longer established competitors. They won’t be encroaching the higher end market any time soon. But a company positioned in such a way probably never intends to.

Their social media links on their website don’t actually yet link to any social media accounts, so I’m guessing that they’re still in the process of being set up. If and when they get going, they may shed some more light on this new company.

One thing I think we can deduce however is that they intend on disrupting the market. They have very similar characteristics as SafeGlaze, you can see this just by the way their website and text on the site is written. They also appear to have budget big enough to get Mayweather on board. How long that can last will remain to be seen, but it has been slowly gaining traction on Facebook over the past few weeks. Whether they disrupt the sector in as rapid a fashion as SafeGlaze might be difficult, but with these two ads it’s clear they’re wanting to shake things up from the start.

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