As part of my efforts to keep DGB growing and for it to remain a fluid and relevant site for those in the industry, I am introducing a new content service: DGB People.

About DGB People

I have lost count the number of emailed PR pieces I get announcing that a company has just hired someone. Those who are sponsors get through and get it published.

But, it did dawn on me some time ago that DGB had yet to provide a service which collated all of the personnel announcements in the industry. I get sent so many articles from so many companies that I couldn’t let those go to waste any longer.

So, I have launched a brand new page which aims to cover fenestration sector news with a massive people focus. It will go live with posts that are already published which focus on appointments of people. From there it will build to become yet another valuable resource on DGB where people will be able to catch up on who is going where in the UK window and door industry.

Obviously this isn’t a new service to the industry media. Other websites have similar services. But for whatever reason I have only just got round to putting something like this in place. Also, I have had a look at the other “people” sections out there on other industry media sites and feel like they could be improved somewhat.

I have only just made the page live, and as more content gets published to that section it will naturally evolve into a service that DGB readers will find useful.

To help it grow, I will accept PR from all companies which has a focus on the following people-related subjects:

  • new appointments
  • retirements
  • obituaries
  • dismissals
  • apprenticeships
  • personnel acquisitions

Please email them through to: along with a featured image and I will happily publish it on DGB People.

As with all new things I try on here it will be on a trial period in the beginning. I will look at the stats of the page and it’s reach, and if it looks as though it’s become rooted it will stay.

Happy reading!

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