There has been more than one big industry acquisition just recently, but one that might have slipped under the radar for a few of us happened in the digital space of our sector. On February 25th it was announced that Leads2Trade has acquired CloudGlaze.

The statement

This was the announcement published on the Leads2Trade website:

Leads2Trade has completed the acquisition of CloudGlaze in a move that will see the lead generation company become the biggest volume supplier of leads for the fenestration industry.

The newly acquired glazing industry sales-lead aggregator, which was a division of digital marketing agency ICAAL, has now become fully operational under Leads2Trade.

The acquisition also includes market leading online brands, ‘Double Glazing on the Web’ and ‘Conservatory Online Prices,’ which comprise of many highly ranked sites currently operating in the double glazing and conservatory verticals.

Since forming in 2006 Leads2trade have helped thousands of homeowners engage with suppliers across the UK to become the country’s leading provider of double qualified sales leads for companies operating in the home improvement industry.

And with the acquisition of CloudGlaze, there appears to be no stopping the Stockport-based company.

Andy Royle, co-founder and Director at Leads2trade, said:

“We are absolutely delighted to acquire CloudGlaze and further strengthen our position as the leading supplier of double qualified sales leads into the fenestration market.

“We want our customers to be confident they will receive a constant flow of quality sales leads, so they can manage their own growth plans, secure in the knowledge our marketing expertise is always there to support them with quality and volume.

“Our approach to growing the business has always been to look for the right opportunity that we feel confident will propel the company forward. The CloudGlaze brand fits perfectly with our aspirations.

“With the online assets we have acquired to complement our own branded marketing campaigns, we will now be the biggest volume supplier of leads for the fenestration industry and will be able to offer our customers an even better service.”

CEO of ICAAL, Chris Tahmasaby, said:

“We are pleased to announce that Leads2Trade have acquired CloudGlaze. With their wealth of experience, professional approach and proven track record of delivering quality sales leads, we saw Leads2Trade as the perfect fit to grow this business moving forward.

“These are exciting times for our fast-growing company and the sale of CloudGlaze will allow ICAAL to expand its digital marketing services to companies within the industry.”

Leads2trade generates 5-6,000 leads per week for companies operating in the home improvement market. These leads are then double qualified by Leads2trade’s in-house call centre and passed onto members of its popular Trusted Local Supplier network, in postcodes of their choice.

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DGB People

Coming consolidation

There are some significant moves going on right now in the window industry, both behind the scenes and playing out in front of us now. I think that as we enter a new economic cycle we can expect some more major industry consolidation in the coming months and years.

When I mean consolidation, I mean mergers, buyouts and acquisitions. Looking at the industry on a broad scale there are still far too many companies in specific areas than is required by current levels of demand. I think we have too many fabricators and we could see a few more of the bigger ones being snapped up by the groups or super-groups of our sector. I have seen it questioned as to whether the current number of systems companies will remain the same. Time will tell on that one. I think the major installers could be ripe for some M&A activity too. Their businesses models continue to look achingly old fashioned in a fenestration industry that is undergoing frenetic and at times disruptive evolution.

As I mention frequently, these coming weeks and months in our industry are going to be bumpy. It may well be that the way our industry looks now will be very different by the end of the year.

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