We’re firmly into the second half of 2019. I know, where did that time go? It doesn’t feel two minutes since we were all getting over the New Years hangovers. Still, here we are in August and as companies start to report on their first half performances for the year, it seems like a good time to as you guys how its been for you.

There is a poll.

Up and down

As the year started, I don’t think many of us expected 2019 to be a boomer of a year. Brexit uncertainty, domestic and global economic dark clouds, wage pressures, everyone I spoke to was preparing for a difficult year.

So far, I could describe this year as up and down. Some weeks good, some weeks bad. At our place, we have had some weeks and months which have been great, some which have been poor. There has been no pattern, no regularity to business. When I speak to those I regularly speak to, they report similar things. Some weeks good, some weeks bad.

There are the obvious concerns that we knew we would have, Brexit being one of them. But perhaps now we have a new PM, and perhaps if he’s able to stick to his promise of taking the UK out of the EU by Halloween, it may bring some level of certainty to business and consumers enough to be comfortable in their own minds that this is actually going to happen.

Naturally, I want to know how you guys have found the first half of 2019, so below is a new poll that I am asking my Twitter followers and of course you guys to take part in so I can build up a general picture of the industry.

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Turbulent 2nd half?

On the whole, given the amount of risk that is out there, I would say that 2019 has been relatively quiet. Obviously some individual big things have happened, but nothing on the scale that could have been given the number of reasons to cause disruption.

That being said, I do think the second half of 2019 could be a turbulent one. We’re only 90 days away (at the time of writing) from leaving the EU. That will undoubtedly have some ramifications on some businesses. If we’re going to be leaving on no-deal terms, expect a big push from Government to make sure we’re as ready as we can be for that kind of scenario. Expect a lot of media hype as well. That might dampen the spending mood with the general public.

Away from that though, I am hearing all sorts about the potential future for certain companies. Some who might not be here. Some who are up for sale. Some whose future is in question if buyers cannot be found. Over the next few months answers to these questions will be found. I was speaking to someone the other day who agreed that the next few months could see some major upheaval for the industry, especially given that the sector still has over-capacity.

Keep an eye on DGB over the coming months to keep up to date with all the important news breaking from the sector. And please take a moment to vote on the poll above via the DGB Twitter link. I’ll report back in a week with the results as usual.

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