As we watch the creation of a new systems company giant in front of our very eyes, a new press release from Garnalex has revealed a few hints as to the direction of the company and it’s future plans.

The press release

Before I apply a bit of analysis, this is the latest release from the company:

New ‘Ambassador’ Workshops reveal the Garnalex Way

Garnalex has announced a December start date for its first fabricator and installer ‘Ambassador’ Workshops. The new Garnalex aluminium window and door systems are significantly different from previous and current generations of aluminium systems in the way they are fabricated, installed and sold. The innovative systems, launching in early 2020, will be easier and faster to fabricate and install than other aluminium systems on the market.

Attendance at one of the workshops is an opportunity for fabricators and installers to hear about the Garnalex Way, have a tour of the new state-of-the-art Garnalex factory, and be one of the first fabricators and installers in their area to sell Garnalex.

Attendees will learn more about the £9m (to date) investment in the factory and learn how Garnalex’ advanced window and door systems will transform the market for aluminium residential windows and doors. Further investment is planned. The factory will start extruding aluminium profiles for trade customers this October and its own product range later in the year. Garnalex will be one of only two or three UK-owned systems companies that extrudes its own aluminium, and the only one that makes its own complementary plastic components.

Garnalex Marketing and Sales Manager Eilidh Hudson, who will be hosting the Ambassador Workshops, says: “We’ve been working on the state-of-the-art factory and the new window and door systems in parallel, so everything comes together for the launch at the end of Q1 2020. The fabricators and installers who will fabricate, install and sell them are a key part of the launch, but they will not be able to fabricate them in the way they’ve been used to, which is why we’re running these workshops. The windows and doors are designed to be easier, faster and all-round better than any aluminium systems they’ve seen before, but fabricators will need to use different tools to fabricate them, and fabricators and installers will need to be trained in them and in our bespoke Garnalex software.

“There will be technical information and prototypes to see,” continues Eilidh, “and presentations and discussions with the technical team. Attendees will also hear about the thinking behind the factory, which has been designed to be many times more efficient than extrusion factories they’ll have seen. Tool or die changes, for example, are six-times faster than world-class best-practice manufacturing ‘SMED’ (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) aspires to. Why? Because less factory downtime, means more extruded profile in stock and shorter lead times. Garnalex aims to set new standards in service and support, delivering aluminium profiles in PVC service times. It’s #AluminiumButNotAsYouKnowIt!”

To book a place on the Ambassador Workshops email, call Eilidh on 01332 883980, and follow @GarnalexSystems on Twitter and @Garnalex Ltd on LinkedIn.

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A little bit Apple

Future-signalling of dates. A company motto in “Garnalex Way”. A promise of a product that is easier and faster. A promise of a better product than whats already on offer. A start of the art factory. Bespoke tooling. Bespoke software. Millions of pounds being spent.

This is the optics of a brand new tech start-up, if we didn’t know that we’re talking about a new aluminium systems company. And as far as I’m concerned, thats pretty cool.

So much of our industry goes about its business in such a stuffy, archaic way. Whether its in the way they manufacture, sell or carry out their marketing. From the start, Garnalex has made it clear the route they are going to go down, and have been bold enough to say outright that their product offering is going to be better than whats currently available in the industry. In this latest statement they also make clear that installers and fabricators are going to have to get on board with their new ways of supply and manufacturing. Bold, but a signal that they are confident that they are going to get the customers on board they need.

I am sure the other aluminium systems companies will be looking on with interest and keeping an eye on the development of Garnalex. A new company backed with pedigree and experience, when the company goes live and product starts to flow, the playing field may well start to become reshaped.

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