As some of you may have noticed earlier on today I launched my revamped DGB weekly newsletter. It was supposed to go live earlier on in the week but my workload since I came back from holiday has been immense so I have only just got round to finishing it now.

I decided to make it live today as I wanted to revert back to sending them out every Wednesday, so to wait to publish until Monday would mean two editions too close together.

Much needed update

For a couple of years I have been sending out an automated newsletter to my mailing list. In essence, anything I would publish on DGB, be it my own content, sponsor content or jobs, would be automatically added to the RSS-driven newsletter powered by MailChimp. Whilst that made things easier for me, in that I didn’t have to manually upload the posts, it didn’t look that great. The design was basic and didn’t look all that appealing on screen. The content was jumbled up as well. There would be job posts mixed amongst my own stuff and sponsor stuff. What it meant was if someone was looking for a particular story they would have to trawl through it all to find it.

View the brand new DGBulletin here!

So, whilst I was away I decided that a rebrand was in order. I also decided that it had to be done manually, so I had greater control of the design of the newsletter and the content and how it would be organised on screen. My better half, who is far better at these kinds of things than me, designed the new layout via software I was already using.

The new version is miles better (in my opinion) in terms of design, layout and content. Its clean and much better organised. Content is now broken up into sections, with my own content, sponsor content and jobs clearly displayed down the newsletter. There is plenty more banner space for advertisers now, so all being well over the coming weeks I’ll attract a few more advertisers to the newsletter as well.

I have already had emails back in response to say that its a much better design, which is a bit of a relief as doing something as major as this is always a bit of a gamble. Some might not have liked it! Whilst I appreciate that the open and click rate on a newsletter sent on a Saturday isn’t as good as it would have been on a Wednesday (and it was true in today’s case) I needed to get it out now so it left enough time for me to collate an edition for Wednesday so I can get back to my normal scheduling.

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Wider rebrand

The more eagle-eyed of you may have also spotted a little teaser at the top of the new newsletter. Its a refreshed DGB logo. I have had the existing DGB logo for quite some time now, and it was kindly designed for me. However, DGB as a site has grown and evolved a lot since that logo was produced, and I want to take the site in new directions. For me that means tweaking the branding to give it a new look, and for things like new logos to have been designed by those who work with me.

Over the next few weeks you will see changes take place. Banners on the site will change. Social media profiles, banners and logos will be updated. The featured images on my posts will include the new logo in faded out form in the top right hand corner from next week. Smaller, background details will also be updated as well. Its part of my effort to keep the site fresh, clean and professional. Not only that, but I will be updating other parts of the site to bring it back up to speed. The events page will be updated next week with all the relevant UK and internation fenestration events. More features will be added to existing pages such as the Business and E.C.O pages.

After my time away I have come back feeling very focused. Last year was a busy one to say the least. A house move, a baby, awards event. Major life moments which are amazing, which also took me away from the site a bit. Whilst last year certainly wasn’t bad, I have particular goals in mind for 2020 and I have plans I wish to enact to make sure that happens. The refreshing of the DGB brand is part of that.

Also, I have something new in the works which will be published at the end of Q1. I’ll say more at a later date, but its something I am excited about!

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