This was Day 2 of working from home, and much of it was spent trying to digest and explain what last night’s address to the nation meant for UK fenestration. It was no easy task, as there was lots of ambiguity. If you want to have a read of that, click here.

Eventually though, much of the industry did the right thing and closed anyway, even if they thought it was possible to continue.

I was tired today. I didn’t get to sleep until 2am. Much of the night before was spent trying to work out what our next steps were for our family business. A lot of time was spent on video chats between us all figuring out what needs to be done. Staff were told not to come in. Mum and Dad went in to tie everything up, pretty much all our customers understood and were fine. We even had a couple of customers say they wanted to go ahead once everything had cleared up, so that’s nice to know.

I think I had about 4 hours sleep in the end. We have a baby, so early starts are guaranteed. I’ll be honest it was a bit of a struggle today. The last two and a half weeks have been at a million miles per hour, and there were periods today where it really did all get on top of me. I took solace though in the messages, emails and texts from people over the past couple of days thanking me for the coverage on DGB of this crisis. I am doing my best to provide information and advice to our industry. There is more to do, and you’ll soon start seeing new things we’re introducing to help.

It was still a sombre day overall. There’s going to be many more I suspect in the coming weeks and months. But if I were to pick out a few positives today, it would be that the sun was out all day, the Cumberland sausages I picked up from the butcher last Friday and were eaten today were amazing, and best of all I got to spend some more time at home with my little lad. Even if he does have a snotty nose!

Be safe and be well folks.

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