Today was a mixed bag. For most of the day, it was a case of working in the second bedroom, planning, making phone calls etc. The sun was out again and it was warm. The silver lining so far is that it has been good on the weather front. I will cut the grass tomorrow and get the garden ready for Spring and Summer. We have bought a load of charcoal from Amazon. I’ll get the BBQ out and start to use that. We have said that even if its not that warm or sunny over the coming weeks, we can still have a drink and enjoy a hotdog!

I’m struggling to keep to my normal routine in a morning. Usually I’m up, have breakfast with the family, then its shower, suit up and off to the office. So far I have been in me dressing gown up to lunch time and all sense of structure has gone. Its not helping me be as productive as I want to be. So tomorrow I have pledged to get back to my normal routine. Except of course the commute is much shorter these days!

I also need to get the second bedroom more organised. Its still cluttered, and I feel much better when things are cleared an organised. I just need to get off my arse and get it done!

The end of the day was a little more eventful, as the fenestration sector began to tear itself apart on Twitter over whether being open or shut is the right thing to do. Even though its Wednesday, the ripples from Monday evening’s address are still being felt. In the main, most of fenestration is closed. There are however hotspots of companies who remain open. Some I think are for legit reasons, i.e. being involved in critical infrastructure. Some who probably could close but are choosing not to.

I watched as the debate began, then found my chance to join in. It escalated quickly. I’m not going to drag through the entire conversation, there was a lot of it. But in short, the debate, which did get heated and quite rightly too, was whether it was right to remain open, whether or not the guidance allowed it so. And how much damage to the economy is worth it to try to save lives. If you want to scroll through the threads then find my account on Twitter and have a look. The fact we were even having a conversation about £££ vs human life incensed me. No amount of money is worth a life. And at no point should we stop trying to fight a disease which is killing far too many people, of which we have no vaccine, no effective current drugs and that apparently can live on surfaces and in the air in droplets for a lot longer than normal viruses. There is no debate to be had. Life before money. Every time.

During the afternoon we went on our daily exercise trip. We walked locally, down our main road which in part runs alongside a canal and is in the middle of fields. Its a fairly nice walk up and down. Took us about 90 minutes. It felt nice to have some sun on your face and fresh air in your lungs. It was nice to see many fewer cars on the road.

The daily venture outdoors is becoming vital for us. It breaks up the day and gives us something to aim for. Our little lad can have his nap and we can get out of the house for a bit, safely of course, and focus on something different. Those we passed did observe social distancing. But a friend of mine said while he was out for a walk that he saw a group of ten lads walking their dog. This is why we’re going to need stronger measures. Some people still do not listen.

On a positive note, I got a couple of quote requests from friends of my wife! One a door, one a house full of windows and doors. So I shall get to work on those tomorrow as both are serious about getting the work done once we return to some sort of normal.

Normal. I think what we have all considered normal for decades until will be very different now. Perhaps forever.

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