Sunday – day 9:

Sunday was hard.

I really struggled. I was exhausted and to top things off, my hayfever has kicked in early. I had itchy eyes all day and the only pills I had for it knocked me out and made me drowsy. I think the nice days we had at the start of the week kicked things off early. Its going to be a long lockdown if hayfever starts now. It will be with me until June/July.

It was too cold for walking on Sunday. The wind was bitter. We learned our lesson from Saturday. We stayed in. Did some cooking and cleaning whilst entertaining the little one.

Soph is finding it hard now. We both are. We could lean on both sets of parents for a couple of days during the week so we could have a bit of rest. Both sets of grandparents are missing him tons, so we know they’re finding this hard as well. We both agreed that when this is over. And we mean properly over and not just when we can go back to work, he can stay over for as many long weekends with the grandparents as much as he wants!

We made sure to support local businesses by ordering a curry from a mile or so away. Its tasty work all this supporting local business stuff.

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Monday – day 10:

The second week of lockdown begins, and its a slow start. I spent much of the day staring at a screen, not being very productive at all. A lack of sleep due to the little one didn’t help either, and we were all starting to get frayed at the edges.

I get periods of this in normal times. Its an overload of mental processing that eventually leads to nothing being done as there is too much going on in the grey matter to tackle it. It usually lasts a day or two and then my mind clears and I’m able to be more productive again.

These past two days I have struggled with the boredom. Its the feeling of restriction which can sometimes get on top. The simple act of seeing parents or letting them have Spencer for the day isn’t an option right now. This lockdown has come at a bad time, given the period of difficult sleeping he’s going through. It would have been so much easier to drop him off for a few hours at mum’s so we could at least sleep or have a few hours to ourselves. I think its that feeling of restriction which is getting worse.

Some good news, we got some groceries! Mum managed to get a delivery slot from Asda by a miracle, so we tagged on a few items we needed on to their delivery and dad dropped it off for us at the door. Sad not being able to let him in, but glad we didn’t have to go and brave the supermarket lines outside in the cold just to get a few bits. We can now have bananas in our porridge again!

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