One of my most popular services on DGB is about to undergo a major upgrade: DGB Jobs.

Ever since I launched the service, it has exploded in popularity. I trialled it at first, as I do most things, to test whether the industry would find it useful. It did, and to dat more than 750 vacancies have been uploaded to the site.

A quick note to all those who have uplodaed jobs in the past couple of weeks. There has been an absolute deluge of vacancies posted in recent weeks and I have been overloaded. I am aiming to have all remaining vacancies posted to the dashboard over the next few days. So if you have posted a vacancy but cannot see it up there yet, thats why, and it will be up there very soon!

More functionality

Right now, a company who wishes to advertise a vacancy at their company has to fill in a form and send that to me. I then manually publish that as a job post and it gets automatically included on the dashboard. Its a fairly labour intensive process, but quick once you get into a flow. Its easy to manage when you have a few at a time to do. But as I mentioned above, I have received a huge amount in the past few weeks so it has been really difficult to keep up with it.

This has prompted me to go ahead with a major upgrade of the service I was thinking about doing anyway, but perhaps not as quick as I thought I would have to.

At the moment, I am looking at software which is going to allow companies to post vacancies and it automatically create a job listing without me having to do it manually. From a time-saving perspective this is going to be a massive help. But more than that, its going to add a lot more functionality. For example, jobs will be better broken down by category, which will allow users to search for jobs more easily. It will allow people to search by location or radius based on their own location. It will allow companies to create user accounts so they can manage their vacancies themselves rather than asking me to do it, which will allow for better management of the jobs dashboard. It will look a lot neater on the page as well.

Then I’m going to expand it further. It has been suggested to me a couple of times that there should be a place within DGB Jobs for people to upload their CVs. I have been looking and some of the options available to me allow for that. So thats what I’m going to do. It means that not only will companies be able to post their live vacancies, but they can search for the right people themselves as more and more people put their CVs online.

It will also be open to recruitment agencies. Many use the site now, and it is currently sponsored and heavily used by the nice people at Chase Taylor Recruitment. But after the upgrade, agencies would also be able to post CVs from applicants as well for companies to search for. All in compliance with GDPR regulations of course.

DGB Jobs has been one of the major success of the site since I launched it, and as it grows I want to make sure that the service remains relevant, useful and easy to use as possible in the time ahead.

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