In response to a member of the fenestration community, BEIS has responded to an urgent appeal for clarity and further information with the following:

What did we learn from the above? We know that there are going to be fraud-checks in place to ensure the system isn’t abused. They have learned from past experience and will make sure that the money spent is allocated properly. It does also sound that for companies to be part of the scheme they are going to have to meet a series of criteria before they’re allowed to join.

Right now, from what we know, the scheme will still only focus on single glazed to double glazed improvements and not double to double or triple. However, I am told that the argument for double-for-double replacements is still being made and is a valid argument.

This update says that we can expect more detail in the coming days. That could be tomorrow or next week. We were hoping for more information last week and its now Wednesday, so who knows. But with each little update, we’re starting to see the outline of how this scheme will work.

Still, much is yet to be known, and every day that passes residential installers are finding their work paused or worse by homeowners who think they will qualify for this scheme. Clarity and a clear message are required as soon as possible from the Government so installers can go to their clients and explain the reality of the scheme quickly.

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