The pandemic has caused a complete change in how the public spends their money, and in the fenestration sector we have seen the benefits of that change. Indeed, much of the construction and the home improvement sectors have been overwhelmed by the strength of the bounce-back which began at the end of the first lockdown in May last year.

It has caught us off-guard, however, and the crisis has morphed from a health crisis to a raw materials and labour crisis. Lead times are longer than they have been for decades, perhaps ever, and there are no signs that demand is going to return to normal levels any time soon.

Whilst we know that fenestration sector lead times are growing rapidly, we don’t have the complete picture across the supply chain. This is where we hope to build a more accurate picture with the following survey.

Fenestration lead time survey

The aim of this survey for the fenestration sector is to try and build up an accurate picture of the state of the supply chain in as many areas as possible. The survey below has 13 questions, covering installers, PVCu and aluminium fabricators, PVCu and aluminium companies and hardware suppliers. If the demand is there I will add IGU suppliers and glass systems companies to the survey.

This is going to be an ongoing survey. The survey will produce regular reports of the data it gathers and will report on any changes between two points in time. If the participation in the survey is high, I will produce more regular reports, perhaps one or two per month, to show if things are improving as time goes on or if the situation is continuing to deteriorate.

Taking part in the survey is simple and only takes a minute or two. Answer each question that is relevant to your business in the fenestration supply chain. To skip a question that is no relevant to you, please enter N/A in the “other” field and move on. The poll is anonymous to help with privacy and to ensure everyone is comfortable taking part in the survey.

I encourage the sharing of this survey within your own networks to build up the most accurate picture possible.

With the prospect of sustained high levels of demand for months, even years, it’s important to know more about how our industry is operating at this present moment. So before you leave to get on with the rest of your day, please take a moment to participate in this important survey.

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