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Deceuninck supplied 162 different colourways last year, cementing its position as a leading supplier of foiled products.

Colour and foiled products account on average for 60% of Deceuninck’s overall sales in the UK.

Deceuninck Sales Director Chris Jones

It offers 30 plus colourways in stock and 20 additional colours in just 15 working days, with on average Deceuninck fabricators selling twice as much colour as their competitors.

Even so, according to its Sales Director, Chris Jones to have supplied 162 different colourways in a year, came as a surprise.

He said: “We know that we do a lot of colour and we know that we offer a lot of flexibility on those colours but to have supplied more than 160 different colourways was still a little bit of a surprise.

“If you think about it, however, you can see how get there. It’s not that we’ve supplied 162 different colours but it’s the combinations of those colours – and as we know, everyone’s taste is different, and occasionally, there’s no accounting for it.”

Deceuninck has made a significant investment in its foiling capability, including a six-figure spend last year on a state-of-the-art Luna R machine.

Capable of processing highly complex profiles, it’s at the cutting edge of lamination technology. Delivering exceptional quality of finished product also delivers additional flexibility in foil supply.

It has also recently added Agate-Grey-On White to its stock offer in response to growing demand.

This was evidenced in a study commissioned by Deceuninck by YouGov. It found that when asked about their colour preference white was cited by 43% of homeowners as their preferred colour choice.

Greys, including Anthracite Grey, Agate Grey, and Grey, accounted for a combined 17%. Irish Oak and Rosewood polled 7% and 6% respectively. Greens, including Chartwell and Sage Green, recorded 4% and 1%; Black and Cream each recorded 4%.

“We know how important colour is to our customers”, explained Chris. “We also know that the colours that just because a colour has been popular in the past, it doesn’t mean that it will retain popularity in the future, it’s about an evolution of offer.

“We’re constantly reviewing sales to understand and predict sales and to make sure that we and our customers can access a colour offer tuned-in to end-user preference.”

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