Still selling lots of white windows and doors? Great. But the time is ticking away for staple products like that. The future is here already and it’s a far more colourful affair than in recent decades. Home owner tastes are changing very quickly and it’s all down to colour.

Changing tastes, better informed

Spend a day on social media and it won’t be long before you start seeing installers and fabricators posting images of their fine work. You’ll notice that these installations now involve far more colour, usually on the doors, but increasingly so for windows as well.

The simple fact is that white windows and doors are falling out of favour with home owners at a very brisk rate. White is a colour that has adorned our homes for the best part of four decades, and as the next generation of home owners get round to changing their second generation windows and doors, white isn’t an option that is appealing.

This is where colour can really spark the imagination and allow your company to become way more attractive than the competition who are less responsive to change. It’s amazing how a single colour can transform am average looking window and door into something totally unique and eye catching. Yet it’s only the innovative and forward thinking companies that have realised this.

So this is where colour can really be a boost to sales and to attract the extra business that perhaps might not have come your way.

Colour expertise from Kolorseal

The one problem with the rise of colour is that fabricators can’t stock every colour imaginable in foil finishes. It’s simply a way too big a task and far too expensive. So the solutions lies with companies like Kolorseal.

Kolorseal have quickly become the UK’s leading colour specialists in the PVCu and aluminium product markets. Their attention to detail, customer service and very high quality finish on their spraying have meant they have built up a reputation for first class quality.

If you are going to enter the colour market to attract new business, you need to ensure that if you’re going to go down the spraying route, the company you choose to do your spraying is a good one. We use Kolorseal ourselves at our family run installation company and I can honestly say that of all the windows and doors we have had sprayed, not a single one has ever had a problem. The home owners have been more than happy with the end results, and just as important, we have been paid.

This is the impact a good sprayer can have on your business. It brings reliable business. It brings excitement. It allows for great images to use as PR. It allows you to bring in new business that perhaps you may not unless you were able to show your ability to install coloured products. That is what Kolorseal has brought to our business, and could bring to yours.




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