This is a sponsored article by Freefoam:

Freefoam Building Products are pleased to announce a significant milestone in its journey towards a low carbon, circular operation with the announcement that all electricity used at the UK manufacturing site in Northampton is now supplied from sustainable supplies Freefoam are taking ambitious steps to save and manage energy.

How all businesses operate creates greenhouse gas emissions, which are warming the earth and changing the climate. Reducing emissions is critical. All businesses can source energy from a range of options including nuclear, wind and solar. With climate change high on the agenda, companies are looking at ways to operate more sustainably, and energy consumption has a big part to play in this.

As an energy-intensive business, Freefoam has made a strategic choice to only purchase electricity from renewable resources. Geoff Barnett, UK General Manager, explained “As a manufacturing plant, energy is one of our biggest commodities, used to power our mixing and production operations, some of which operate 24/7. Knowing that we are sourcing all our energy requirements from solar power is a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions. Freefoam is serious about sustainability and playing its part in managing precious resources. As General Manager in the UK, I am very proud to be announcing this initiative.

This development is part of a much wider strategic plan to ensure that Freefoam becomes part of the circular economy, with numerous projects currently happening around the business. Geoff summarised “We’re on a journey and have already taken some significant steps with many more to follow. Our aim is to put reduce, re-use and recycle at the heart of everything we do.”

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