Endurance® Doors Continues Carbon Offsetting Commitment

Endurance® Doors is building on its already impressive commitment to sustainability. As part of its robust environmental policies, the manufacturer of solid, secure, and stylish composite doors has used carbon offsetting since 2022 to compensate for any unpreventable carbon emissions caused by its operations. The business has now entered into a new partnership with Carbon [...]

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Deceuninck Makes It Easy To Work Out Your Carbon Footprint

Deceuninck has launched its new Carbon Calculator, which helps fabricators and installers to work out their carbon footprint using data they already hold. Independent research commissioned by Deceuninck and conducted by YouGov, shows that lowering their carbon footprint is a factor in purchasing decision for almost 70% of UK homeowners. Separate research by Deceuninck [...]

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CNC Recycling Dual Finalists At G Awards

Press release via CNC Recycling: National UPVC Recycling company CNC Recycling marked a significant milestone in the company’s growth by being shortlisted for two awards at this year’s G23 Awards. They have been shortlisted for Best Business Initiative of the Year and Customer Care Initiative of the Year. Sales Director Ian Ward of CNC [...]

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Deceuninck Cuts CO2 By 21%

Deceuninck has cut CO2 emissions from its operations down from 673,095 tonnes in 2021 to 530,836 tCO2e last year – a drop of 21%. At the forefront of innovation in sustainable PVC-U window and door systems technologies, this puts Deceuninck significantly ahead of its 2022 target. Made through the Science Based Targets carbon reduction [...]

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Eurocell’s Modus Window System At The Heart Of The Energy House 2.0 Project

As part of the industry-wide efforts to develop new build homes that meet the 2025 Future Homes Standard and zero carbon housing, efficient materials and systems are being tested in the Energy House 2.0 project which is being led by students at the University of Salford. The UK’s leading manufacturer, distributor, and recycler of PVC-U [...]

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Double Glazing Tops Popular Sustainability List

Two-thirds of homeowners plan to make their homes more sustainable in the next ten years, according to NatWest. We talk to Deceuninck’s Managing Director Rob McGlennon about where windows fit in. NatWest published its ‘Greener Homes Attitude Tracker’ in July this year, which summarised homeowners’ sustainable home improvement ambitions during Q2 2023. At a [...]

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Eurocell Recycle To Exhibit At The Resource & Waste Management Expo

Eurocell Recycle are excited to announce that they will be exhibiting at the Resource & Waste Management Expo 2023. Highlighting their closed loop recycling process and how it keeps thousands of tonnes of PVC-U out of landfill every year, visit them on stand R-K212 to find out how Eurocell Recycle can help with your PVC-U [...]

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Advanced Glass Flood Wall To Protect Kendal Locals And Businesses

Kendal, located in southern Cumbria is benefitting from multi-million pounds worth of flood risk investment designed to protect homes and businesses from flooding. A key design feature of the flood defences is a high-performance glass within a high-specification stainless steel frame to protect properties, without spoiling the town’s historic beauty and retaining riverside views. [...]

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Industry Appears Divided On Approach To 2025 Future Building Standard

All eyes are on 2025. The Future Building Standard will be the biggest set of revisions to Building Regulations in a very long time and will force change and adaptations not only to the products within our sector, but the wider construction sector as a whole. As a result, we are beginning to see [...]

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‘We All Have A Responsibility To Do Something’ Says Freefoam Stockist C & A Building Products

Sponsored news from Freefoam: C & A Building Products has installed solar panels in its warehouse in the next step to improve its green credentials. Family-run firm C & A Building Products, a Freefoam stockist for almost 20 years, is an independent supplier of plastic building materials and has been operating for 55 years [...]

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How Recycled Material Is Contributing To Greener, Warmer Homes

Sponsored news from Glazerite: Using products that contribute to more energy-efficient and sustainable developments is a key feature of many council and housing provider planning strategies. Here, Glazerite UK Group’s Area Sales Manager, Peter Smith, explains how its installers can meet the needs of customers operating in these markets thanks to leading supplier VEKA’s [...]

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Freefoam Builds Significant Momentum On Sustainability

Sponsored news from Freefoam: Freefoam has launched a new page on its website to highlight milestones on the company’s journey to building a sustainable future. The page emphasises Freefoam’s ongoing journey from a linear to a circular economy, showing site users the impressive range and breadth of sustainability projects Freefoam has on the go. [...]

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The Performance Of Glass To Be Put To The Test In Net Zero Energy House 2.0

Double and triple-glazed windows featuring high-performance glass from Saint-Gobain Glass will be put to the test in a unique £16m research facility designed to help create the energy-efficient homes of the future. Two full-size three-bedroom detached houses have been built inside the climate-controlled chamber of Energy House 2.0 at the University of Salford, using [...]

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CNC Recycling Announces New Plant In £2 million Investment

Guest post from CNC Recycling: UPVC Window Recycling specialist CNC Recycling are delighted to announce that they have completed the installation of their brand new state-of-the-art recycling facility with sorting and separating equipment for the recovery of clean white and jazz (coloured) of both post-industrial and post-consumer UPVC streams using the latest technology and [...]

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Could The Future Building Standard Be Watered Down?

Whilst the arguments over trickle vents continue to rage on, eight months after their implementation, attention has rightly turned to the next major set of revisions due to come into effect in 2025. The Future Building Standards, the new regulations aimed at vastly improving the energy efficiency of new-build properties, are set to see [...]

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PVCu As Part Of The Sustainability Conversation

Martin Benn, Head of New Build at Eurocell, outlines how recycled waste used to produce new high-performing, thermally efficient and aesthetically pleasing PVC-U window and door product solutions can support housebuilders as they strive to satisfy new and important environmental responsibilities. Changes to Part L of the Building Regulations came into effect in 2022. [...]

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