Letter to the Editor from Giovanni Laporta:

As a designer and innovator, I am aware that inspiration comes from all sorts of places, and what I want to share with you is a prime example of this. I recently got my “new-look” bank credit card through the mail and thought, “Wow, they are so much cleaner and nice to look at.” For decades now, bank cards have broadly looked the same – utilitarian, and full of numbers and words – essentially a lot of visual noise. Most banks have now simplified the design significantly, which not only makes the cards more attractive and easier to read, but also involves more recycled plastic, more sustainable manufacturing and more design inclusivity.

I love what the banks have done. They are following the trend set by the Gods of design, Apple – that of simplicity. Apple is currently taking their software programme one step further with Matter Compatible devices. For those who don’t know; Matter Compatible home technology, due to be launched later this year, aims to solve many of today’s smart home headaches. From platform owners like Apple, Google, and Amazon to major manufacturers such as Samsung and LG and smaller, accessory-focused players like Nanoleaf, Eve, and Wyze, there’s a huge industry collaboration behind Matter-compatible smart home products. A common language for smart home devices to communicate, Matter technology aims to simplify everything about the smart home, from purchase, to set up, to everyday use. Its biggest promise is that it will enable smart devices – from white good appliances, lighting, and heating, to speakers, all to communicate together.

As technology has and continues to become more complex, it’s tempting for companies to show the rest of the world how far they can push their capabilities. But that’s not what sells. It’s about starting with the customer and understanding how your technology can make their life easier. When it comes to innovation you could mistakenly think, by adding a new feature or more “visual noise” you will sell more. But rather than adding, why don’t people strip back and embrace simplicity? Like in the new design of bank cards? Because it’s hard to do.

Smart Ready® is following closely all emerging technologies, making sure the industry doesn’t get left behind. Our technology and hardware brand partners Hug® and Sac® – both certified Smart Ready® – promise to deliver simple and honest technology that will change the way the industry approaches smart windows and doors as well as protect companies, boosting their confidence and supporting insurance requirements for home security alarms, all in the simplest of ways.

We can collectively, as an industry, move mountains with smart windows and doors in terms of performance and perception and it can be done simply by being Smart Ready®.

Giovanni Laporta, Inventor and Innovator Smart Ready®

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