A DGB poll that ran recently on X delivered results that perhaps we knew already, but served to confirm where the momentum is in the fenestration sector right now. And that is aluminium has the most upside potential over the next few years.

Aluminium in front

Poll infographic

This was the question I asked followers on X (formerly Twitter), and these were the results that the poll produced. Again, I think we all know that the momentum and strength is with aluminium right now. But what I wanted to find out is what our sector thought of the medium to long term prospects for aluminium. Turns out that the majority thinks the best opportunities lie with aluminium.

More than a third say more opportunities are with PVCu, with less than 10% saying timber is where the future is. To be honest I am surprised at timber not being higher than that. You can sense that timber windows and doors are again picking up momentum in a general sense, and just like with aluminium, installers are going to be looking at timber as a way to increase leads and business levels.

Opening up new markets

The momentum shift within the sector over the last five years has been obvious. The domination of the residential market by PVCu is being chipped away at slowly. Demand driven by homeowners for aluminium is rising. Clients are looking for something more unique, more exciting, and sexier. By those measures alone, aluminium wins.

The last major innovation in the world of PVCu was the flush casement window. But that was a while ago now, and there hasn’t really been anything game-changing since. That being said, it should be noted the the popularity of flush casement windows has exploded massively and remains a very positive growth market within PVCu.

As with all downturns and recessions, companies look for ways to open up new revenue streams and find new opportunities. PVCu has been established for decades and the consumer is pretty well educated about PVCu. They know much of what they need to know about PVCu. Aluminium on the other hand has gone through it’s own evolution, and is still relatively new to homeowners. New equals exciting and interesting. And with the sheer amount of innovation in the aluminium space right now, it is practically candy land for a client who is willing to invest good money into their homes.

Looking at this from the point of view of an installer, which we have our own family run business, we see more opportunities for growth than with PVCu. We’re being asked more for aluminium by our clients, and we’re dealing more with those who are undertaking larger renovation projects, extensions and new-build homes. The margins to be made on aluminium are much healthier and the chance to work on fantastic homes is a bonus benefit to all of this. There is much more to get excited about in this space, which is why installers and indeed fabricators are turning to aluminium to help keep the wheels turning.

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