MRA Research, the research agency focused solely on the construction sector, welcomes Callum Budd as its new Research Projects Director.

Callum brings to the role a wealth of experience in market research. He has held several positions within market research over the past 12 years and has managed a large number of research projects, including customer satisfaction and brand awareness projects. Most recently he supported global IT and Technology vendors, including Dell and IBM, with their research needs.

In his new role, Callum is responsible for the planning and management of all research projects, from commissioning new business through to the presentation of results, and manages the research team. He will also develop and deliver the broad range of research products and services offered by MRA Research, including the trademarked Customer Experience CX Suite and Management Mirror, and the Builders Merchant Building Index (BMBI) and Plumbing & Heating Merchants Index (PHMI).

Callum says: “I’m excited to join Mike and the amazing team at MRA Research and eager to help build on their current success. Together we are well-equipped to support a wide range of research needs. I’m optimistic about the potential and future growth of the construction industry and excited about MRA’s own trademarked research products, the Management Mirror and the Customer Experience (CX) suite. A growing number of companies measure their performance using the Net Promoter Score (NPS), and large companies often link managers’ bonuses to it. NPS is a powerful metric, and shows you how you’re doing compared to all firms in all major markets in the US and Europe. But, comparing construction companies with average scores, from mostly B2C companies of all sizes, isn’t particularly helpful. Our customers want to know how they compare with companies in similar building materials markets. They also want to know how to improve their scores. That’s why MRA Research has been building norms for this industry, so firms can tell how they are performing. Using MRA’s CX suite of six measures, companies can also drive improvement in their NPS and customer experience performance ratings. I want to help MRA reach its full potential through helping our clients grow, by providing the facts and insights to sharpen their marketing.”

“Since MRA focused exclusively on research in 2022, MRA Research has developed powerful new research products and is partnering marketing agencies it once competed with,” comments Mike Rigby, CEO of MRA Research. “Callum has adapted quickly to us and our markets and will play a key part in expanding the company.”

MRA Research is one of the UK’s longest standing research and insight companies solely serving construction, building materials and home improvement markets. The joint expertise of its research team enables MRA to research ‘end-to-end’, linking consumers, clients, and specifiers through retailers, merchants, distributors, builders and installers.

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