I have long argued that flush windows have been the biggest innovation to happen to PVCu windows in the last ten to fifteen years. The latest report from WindowBASE and Tommy Trinder confirms how vital flush windows are to the overall PVCu market.

Flush window sales

In their recently published report, they confirm that flush window sales make up 24% of all PVCu window sales. You can view the entire market report here.

And the industry has embraced flush windows too. In the report it states that 62% of all installers now sell flush windows – nearly two thirds of the entire installer market. I anticipate that number to continue to rise in the coming years.

Colour also plays a huge part in the flush market, with 81% being foiled. The report states that 47% of all PVCu windows are foiled. So we can discern that the flush part of the market is a massive driver of colour and foil finishes within the PVCu market.

Flush French doors are also on the up. Although starting from a low base, the total number of French doors that are flush equals 8% of that part of the market. With new products coming to market such as OMNIA from VEKA, I would expect that percentage to rise in the coming years along with the rest of the flush market. Also expect to see a rise in flush entrance doors.

Doubling down on flush

The future is a flush one, of that I am convinced. It has been the biggest innovation in the PVCu space for years and is a products that can genuinely get homeowners and installers alike enthused. It is the starkest departure from the standard casement look and transforms the look of a home when installed.

I expect the industry to pile into the flush market more and more over the next few years as it continues to gain popularity at homeowner level. That is why we are seeing new product suites such as OMNIA from VEKA come to market to keep innovating on what has already been a successful product.

Within the next five years I would not be surprised to see at least another couple of systems companies bring out their own double-flush system, including entrance doors and French doors. I also think we are going to be seeing a lot more flush entrance doors. If the doors are as good as the ones look in the promotional material around OMNIA then I expect these types of doors to become very popular very quickly.

Looking around at my own area, I am seeing more and more new-build sites of a higher-end nature opting for flush windows so that their properties stand out from the crowd. You can spot them easily and certainly have a bit more character about them compared to the plain White windows most builders still opt for.

Who knows how much more market share flush windows can increase from 24%. I don’t think a third of the market is out of the question in the next few years, perhaps even higher than that. One thing is for sure is it is a great USP and one that homeowners can get excited about.

You can read and download the full WindowBASE and Tommy Trinder market report here: https://windowbase.co.uk/window-door-market-trends-2024/

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