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80% Not CE Mark Compliant – But That’s Not The Problem

On page 5 of this months Glass Times magazine, there is an article which explains that possibly up to 80% of the industry is still not CE mark compliant. Not that anyone would know, no one really is sure who is policing CE marking and since it's introduction, everyone has stopped talking about. Still, this [...]

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Just Days Remain!

That's right folks! It's is just a few days before the wonder that is CE Marking comes into force! I'm sure you've all enjoyed the marvelous task of getting every nut and bolt certified and stacking up reem after reem of paper work! It certainly has given us all something very exciting to do! Yes [...]

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CE Marking For Conservatory Roofs: Yes Or No?

Today I was given this statement from leading conservatory roof manufacturers Ultraframe which should help explain whether conservatory roofs require CE Marking or not: On 1st July, Construction Products Regulations become law, provided there is a harmonised standard for the product sector in question – there is no harmonised standard for conservatory roofs ( although [...]

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CE Marking: What Is Right And What Isn’t!

Wow, after months and months it appears that there is still doubt and misinformation out there about the impending CE Marking. The Twitter discussions on Wednesday proved that, so, as asked by GGF President Mark Warren, I have been asked to write a post to try and help clarify a few things about it! The [...]

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Getting Your Head Around CE Marking

The closer the appointment of CE marking gets, the more I'm getting my head stuck into the whole matter. And it's not the simplest of subjects to understand. Here's what I think I know so far: Each supplier MUST get their own products tested to pass performance levels and achieve the correct CE mark for [...]

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