Coloured PVCu

>Black Is The New White

>It's clear that since the introduction of coloured doors in the industry i.e. composite and foil wood grained doors, the most popular colour with customers has been black. The reason? You can only assume that this is because it is the most neutral colour when compared to the other choices. Colours like red, green and [...]

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>Irish Oak

>I'd say Irish Oak has been out for about a year or so now, but how well has it done?We were first able to sell it from late spring of this year, and we certainly liked it. We even went as far to say that it was the Light Oak killer! And since then we [...]

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>Colours Are The Way Forward

>Coloured wood grained PVCu seems to be the innovation that has taken off most in recent years. We've had the introduction of orangeries and PVCu decking as new products to try to expand companies' product portfolios, but it's coloured wood grains that have made a firmer impact than the others.Our brand new coloured door range includes, [...]

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>Woodgrained Arched Frames

>I was going to write about if the next government would help or hinder the double glazing industry, but I'll talk about that later. What I am going to talk about is woodgrain and arched frames. We have recently quoted a company for windows to an old chapel which they are currently renovating into flats. [...]

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>For well over a year now, a huge new range of colours and wood grained effects have been available, yet the interest shown by the public has been quite low. The original wood grains of Rosewood and Light Oak remain a popular option, with white uPVC still being the main choice of colour.Cream wood grain [...]

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