Out of all the areas of the industry that are taking a nose dive, one area that seems to be gaining strength is the market for coloured and colour foiled PVCu.

The start of the year has seen for us, a big step up in the number of quotes we are sending out with coloured options on them. Black I still think remains the main colour of choice when it comes to front doors. But from the window perspective cream wood grain, Irish Oak and now Anthracite Grey are becoming more and more the popular options.

Customers have grown very weary of the standard white PVCu window and are now looking for something that extra bit special to transform the appearance of their home – despite the increasingly poor economic outlook.

One things that hasn’t changed with customers is their high demand for new products. Consumers these days expect lots of choice, with whatever they are buying, not just windows and doors. More choice allowed the customer to purchase something which is more unique to them, rather than the customer having to settle for something ‘off the peg’, like the mass majority of people.

As well as the PVCu colour market on the rise. The expansion of coloured aluminium has also reinforced the coloured market over the last couple of years. The coloured option is now here to stay. And with one-off ‘grand-designs’ becoming ever more popular, coloured windows and doors are going to become increasingly popular over the coming few years.