Coloured wood grained PVCu seems to be the innovation that has taken off most in recent years. We’ve had the introduction of orangeries and PVCu decking as new products to try to expand companies’ product portfolios, but it’s coloured wood grains that have made a firmer impact than the others.

Our brand new coloured door range includes, red, white, cream, black, blue, green and Irish Oak wood grains.

The push for colours started with the introduction of composite doors. Composite doors were the first choice in choosing a door which doesn’t just come in the standard white or Rosewood/Light Oak wood grains. They came in all sorts of colours from then.

From there, the colours have been applied to engineered doors and windows as well. And since then, the market for coloured doors and windows has expanded. It’s not been a boom, but it’s become a steady rise which has become a market in which window companies could actually make decent money out of it.

Not only coloured doors, but with the introduction of white wood grain, customers are now able to have the standard white colour, but with the added touch of wood grain.

Coloured doors are here to stay I think, and hopefully the market will continue to expand at a steady rate, so everyone is able to take advantage of this new sales opportunity.