Even Trickle Vents At 1.4 u-Value Isn’t Convincing People

The trickle vents are coming! It's not as scary as it sounds, despite the opposition from a variety of facets of the fenestration industry. Indeed, on June 15th, that will be the date as published by Government, where the reality will be all windows will need to be fitted with trickle vents. There's a [...]

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Eurocell Joins National Fenestration Awards As New Ambassador Sponsors

Eurocell, the UK’s largest fenestration and home improvement products suppliers, have joined the National Fenestration Awards as Ambassador sponsors for the 2022 campaign. This year’s awards campaign, using the hashtag #NFA22 on social media, kicked off on Valentine’s Day to great energy and fanfare, with a new calendar, brand new categories and an awards [...]

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Inflation Rises Again

Against expectations, inflation in January rose once again, for the fourth month in a row, to 5.5% from 5.4% in December. Whilst 0.1% might not seem all that much, it was predicted that rates would either remain stable or dip slightly due to the festive period. The outlook doesn't look any better in the [...]

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Fenestration Leaders Interviews: Neil Evans, MD Of VEKA UK

Continuing the special series of interviews on DGB, Neil Evans, MD of VEKA UK answers some questions and gives us an insight into what may lie ahead for 2022, as well as a brief look back at 2021. Click here to catch up on the first in this special series, with Ian Short, MD [...]

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CNC Recycling Joins National Fenestration Awards As Brand New Category Sponsor

With the 2022 National Fenestration Awards campaign about to begin, the industry’s leading awards platform is happy to announce that CNC Recycling is joining the awards as a brand new category sponsor. CNC Recycling is a nationwide PVCu recycling company that has just opened its newest branch in Shepton Mallet near Bath. This brings [...]

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There Is An Absolutely Valid Discussion To Be Had About Ventilation

As we approach the time where installers are deliberating on how to implement new guidance to abide by new Building Regulations, specifically on trickle vents, the debate about rules, what you can or cannot do, is going to heat up, with all sides having some skin in the game. So over the next few [...]

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Installers Need To Be Very Careful When It Comes To Cash Flow

Cash is king, so they say. Cash flow is just as important too. So as we continue into a new year that feels like there may be a material drop in business activity, installation companies in the fenestration sector are going to need to be very aware of how to manage cash flow and [...]

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Aluminium Prices Are About To Reach All-Time Highs

As this is written, the current price of aluminium sits at $3265 per ton. That is a whisker away from hitting a record high. So just as some parts of the market and supply chain that connect with fenestration appears to be settling down, aluminium is running red hot. Aluminium to hit $4000 It [...]

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The Future For Window Energy Ratings Looks Uncertain

The ramifications of the updated Building Regulations are becoming known as each day and week passes. As I understand it, there continues to be discussions at high levels about the implementation of them, in particular when it comes to new rules on background ventilation and the much talked about trickle vents. But one other [...]

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Stürtz Group Acquire Stuga Machinery Ltd

M&A activity in the fenestration sector continues to pick up as it has been announced that Stuga Machinery Limited has been acquired by Stürtz Group. This is the statement that has been published on the Stuga website: Stuga Machinery Limited, a market-leading manufacturer of uPVC sawing and machining centres to the UK and Ireland [...]

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Has Innovation Dried Up In The UK?

This is an open letter by Ryan Breslin of Cherwell Windows: As an installation business, in my role at Cherwell, rather than Business Pilot, we’re at the sharp end. We need to be able to offer homeowners products that they want to buy - to tap into their aspirations and give them something that [...]

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A Day Of Major Financial Pain

Thursday 3rd February was the day the cost of living become considerably more expensive for millions of households up and down the UK. The cost of living crisis is real and it's starting to bite hard. Whether you believe it or not, external economic factors like this have a major influence on sectors like [...]

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Fenestration Leaders Interviews: Ian Short, MD Of Morley Glass

DGB is launching a special series of written interviews with some of the sector's key leaders and innovators. MD's and CEO's from all parts of the fenestration supply chain will be taking part in what I hope will be a series of insightful interviews. Each leader will be asked the same questions, where we [...]

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Fenestration Installer Ventilation Survey

Trickle vents and the newly updated Building Regulations are front and centre of minds right across the fenestration industry. In particular, the new regulations on background ventilation. For decades the industry has wrestled with the trickle vents, their pros and cons, their popularity with homeowners and their general use within fenestration. There are, however, [...]

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Safestyle UK Hit By Major Cyber Attack

In the same week as posting a new trading update, Safestyle UK has been hit by a major cyber attack. According to reports the attack is suspected to originate from Russia. It has left the company with a number of difficulties with a growing number of customers becoming frustrated and venting on social media [...]

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Safestyle UK Posts Better Than Expected 2021 Trading Update

As we approach earnings season in the UK fenestration sector, Safestyle UK are making moves first as they issue a new trading update and state that their full-year 2021 results will be ahead of expectations. This is their statement provided to DGB: Trading and Operations Update, Upgraded FY21 Expectations & Notice of Results Safestyle [...]

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