Showrooms Confirmed To Open From April 12th

The second phase of the roadmap to unlocking from this third lockdown, the reopening of non-essential retail and the reopening of showrooms, is still on track for April 12th. This will be the second major step in the roadmap and will see larger sections of the UK economy opened up. For fenestration, this is [...]

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When Will This Bubble Burst?

Other than "when do you think things will get back to normal", the other question I am always asked in my regular industry conversations is "how long do you think this will last?" "This" being the insane level of demand from the general public for new fenestration-related home improvement products. As we are all [...]

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UK Fenestration Has To Scale Up, Fast

Just in case you haven't noticed, it's busy. Like, really busy. Ever since the end of the first lockdown in May 2020 our sector has been running at 110% without a single break. It's been relentless. The industry is tired and the supply chain is creaking badly. In some places, it's starting to crumble [...]

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Why The Green Homes Grant Failed

Six months. That's all it took for the Green Homes Grant to be announced, then closed. The scheme shuts to new applicants from the 31st March of this year. One full year before the extended deadline of March 2022. For months there had been warnings about how the scheme was run, about low participation [...]

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How The Blocked Suez Canal Could Cause Problems For UK Fenestration

See that featured image above? That's how the Suez canal should look. Clear and free-flowing. Instead, there is a gigantic ship stuck near-sideways across the canal. Whilst this was a bit of a novelty story at first, with the assumption that it might be refloated within a day or two and then all would [...]

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Green Homes Grant Axed

With just four days notice, the Government has announced that the wildly hyped but badly executed Green Homes Grant is to be axed. There have been weeks of rumour and speculation that the scheme might well be shut down early amidst a myriad of complications and low take-up. It has now been confirmed, on [...]

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Lockdown – 1 Year On

Tuesday marked exactly one year since the start of lockdown as the UK, as with much of the rest of the world, battled to keep COVID at bay. A sombre moment for the entire nation as we remembered those who have been taken from us, the family and friends who mourn loved ones, and [...]

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Are You Burned Out?

In normal times, our industry goes through a series of peaks and troughs during the course of a year. Christmas, January and February are traditionally the quietest months. The holidays, money and Winter keep things quiet. Then Spring comes and business picks up nicely all the way to the end of July and August [...]

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It’s Time To Embrace Recycled PVCu, It’s Already Here

The other day I wrote about how the adoption of electric cars would cause issues for the fenestration sector. To catch up on that story click here. I also explored the subject of recycling and recycled materials and how they are the most readily available solution to increase the sustainability of how we operate [...]

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GM Fundraising Moves Peak, Paddle, Pedal To 2022

GM Fundraising has announced its 2021 Peak, Paddle, Pedal charity event to raise money for Hope House Children’s Hospices has been further postponed until 2022. Gary Morton, the founder of GM Fundraising, said: “Having already postponed our scheduled 2020 event back to 2021 due to the pandemic, we are disappointed to reschedule again. With [...]

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Car Manufacturers Going All-Electric Will Affect The Fenestration Sector In A Big Way

In recent weeks major car manufacturers such as well Volvo and Ford have both declared that their entire range of cars will be all-electric by 2030. It comes as industries across the world are making moves to reduce or eradicate completely their carbon footprint. Other car manufacturers are expected to follow suit soon. In [...]

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Messe Düsseldorf Calls Off glasstec In June 2021

This is a press release from glasstec: Next glasstec to be held in line with its accustomed scheduling from 20 to 23 September 2022 The glasstec trade fair will not be held as planned due to the sustained pandemic and continued global lockdown measures as well as international travel restrictions. In close coordination with [...]

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How The Collapse Of Greensill Could Affect The UK Fenestration Industry

Greensill. Ever heard of it? Until the last few days its likely you haven't, neither had I. Until the back end of last week when it became clear that the Australian headquartered investment bank that has over $140bn on its books was in serious trouble and went into administration today. How could that affect [...]

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Travis Perkins Reports Full 2020 Results

As we progress through this pandemic and we begin to look at life after restrictions are lifted, we are beginning to understand the toll the crisis has taken on our sector and companies in connecting sectors through their 2020 full-year results. Last week I reported on the Taylor Wimpey figures, which you can read [...]

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10 Ways To Cope With Your Workload And High Demand

The fenestration industry continues to come under pressure from very high demand from the general public as spending due to lockdowns has switched people's priorities to invest in their homes. Whilst it's great there is so much work in front of us, it's also causing a massive impact on our mental health. The pandemic [...]

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BGF Invests To Help Brisant Step Up To The Next Level

Brisant-Secure announced today that it has secured an investment from BGF, UK’s most active growth capital investor. The investment will secure Brisant’s ambitious long-term growth plans, and enable the company to develop further innovations and opportunities. Brisant partners, Nick Dutton and Steve Stewart, remain majority shareholders and Seb Saywood, a BGF Investor, joins them [...]

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