Glazerite And Brisant Secure Collaborate To Develop Innovative Sweet Patio Handle

Glazerite has joined forces with Brisant Secure to introduce the Sweet patio handle. This collaboration has resulted in a patio handle that not only offers unparalleled weather resistance but also seamlessly integrates with their existing door furniture. For the past five years, Glazerite has been incorporating Sweet hardware into its doors, showcasing its outstanding [...]

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Ultion Bolt – The Multi-Bolt Lock

Ultion is excited to unveil Ultion Bolt, a groundbreaking auto-fire lock designed to transform the way lever handle doors are sold. Ultion Bolt removes the need to lift the door handle, providing a hassle-free locking solution that enhances door functionality and security. Composite door manufacturers have always recommended homeowners lift the handle, as it [...]

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Ultion KeyTag Finds Lost Keys All Over The UK

Sponsored news from Ultion: This September saw Brisant launch Ultion KeyTag. Built into the actual Ultion key itself, KeyTag finds lost Ultion keys in a matter of minutes by sounding an alarm. KeyTag works with the Apple Find My app that is already in the iPhone operating system, so there is no app to [...]

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What Is The True Definition Of “Suited” Hardware?

This is an opinion piece by DGB The door hardware sector is a battlefield right now. A battle which has been years in the making, thanks to the ever irritating problem of pitting. That universal problem for all installers and fabricators taking more than just the shine off a door purchase. Speaking of which, [...]

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Brisant Launches Sweet Doors

After much teasing a drip feeding of information about their new product offering, Brisant have officially launched their new product range called Sweet Doors. Following on from their rampantly successful LockLock door handle, the company has taken their un-pitable formula and applied it to a number of other door hardware areas to expand their [...]

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5 Reasons Why I Would Pay More For British Made Hardware

The issue of our industry's hardware, specifically door handles and letter boxes, is a subject that appears as if it will never go away. The complaints about pitting and general poor quality are weekly. And complaints are justified. When a door being marketed as a premium option, with the premium price tag, has handles that [...]

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Hardware Should Have An A-G Rating, And Here’s Why

SFS Intec, the hardware specialists, brought up an interesting idea on Friday, with the suggestion that hardware could be judged on an A-G rating, similar to how white goods and indeed windows are judged on their efficiency. The idea being that an A would mean highest security, with G being the least. You can read [...]

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