Has The Slowdown Begun?

In a press release issued by Business Pilot this week, they report that leads for new windows and doors are down 12% in October compared to the previous month. In recent months it has been noticeable that the tone of the conversation has changed. So is this the start of a more protracted decline [...]

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Three COP26 Pledges UK Fenestration Could Make

COP26 is finally upon us. The most important UN Climate Conference and the moment we are told that we are out of time. I watched the powerful opening ceremony, with speeches from the UK Prime Minister, poets, Sir David Attenborough, leaders of island nations and more. If you did too, then you’ll now have [...]

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Would You Want Your Kids To Follow You Into Fenestration?

I asked this question on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. I got nothing on Linkedin but was swamped on the other two platforms with answers which surprised me a little. We know that our industry is badly in need of youth and new talent, a shortage which has been exacerbated over the last couple of [...]

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Latest Plimsoll Report Fires Warning On UK Glass Production

A worrying new report from Plimsoll, a global research and analysis business, has published a new report which says that there is significant trouble ahead for UK glass production. This warning comes on the back of sustained problems with glass supply in the UK, and a backdrop of supply chain problems that have affected [...]

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There’s A Silicone Shortage

And so the shortages of fenestration supplies continue to stack up. This time its silicone. There have been sporadic warnings about the lack of silicone throughout the year, but this one feels a bit more significant. Prices are also going up markedly too. Many are seeing steep double-digit increases, which are only going to [...]

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Forvet S.p.A. Acquired By Biesse Group

Over in Europe, the M&A scene has sparked back into life with the news that Biesse Group, based in Italy, has agreed to buy fellow Italian machinery company Forvet S.p.A. Statement from Biesse Group Here is the announcement from Biesse Group about the acquisition: Biesse Group signs a contract for the acquisition of 100% [...]

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Bau China 2021 Postponed

The pandemic continues to cause problems around the world when it comes to event planning. This time it is Bau China 2021 which has had to move its dates. Thankfully not too far, only to mid-December and just before Christmas. China does continue to have a very strict COVID containment policy, and so any [...]

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The Fenestration Industry Needs To Understand Each Other More

You can feel the strain between the different levels of the supply chain right now. Fabricators are becoming frustrated with system companies. Installers are already frustrated with fabricators. The last 12-18 months has certainly put a strain on us all and across the supply chain. But those relationships are coming under increased pressure, and [...]

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19 Companies Sign Open Letter To UK Fenestration Sector

In an unprecedented move to communicate the ongoing supply chain problems to the rest of the sector, 19 fenestration sector companies have signed an open letter to the industry in a show of support. #unitedfront It was a comprehensive statement: CONTINUED SUPPLY CHALLENGES Overwhelming demand for construction products since the easing of lockdown restrictions [...]

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Construction Sector Job Vacancies At Record High

In figures published by the Office For National Statistics (ONS) this week, they have said that the construction sector has recorded all-time high job vacancies since records began in 2001. Record construction sector job vacancies From July to September, the total number of job vacancies in the construction sector rose to 43,000. That is [...]

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Fenestration Installers, It’s Time To Get Paid

The age-old problem of getting paid. It’s worth mentioning from the start that the majority of homeowners are good payers. They pay installers on time, most of the time, and are reasonable people. However, you cannot escape the difficult customers out there, and it does seem that there are more than there used to [...]

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Letter To The Editor: The Benefits Of Brisant’s Secure Supply

This is a letter to the Editor from Brisant Secure CEO Nick Dutton: Dear Jason, Supply problems disrupt business. They can even stop it dead. Recently, the shortage of HGV drivers was one of the factors that led to a limited supply of fuel, which caused chaos across the UK. Globally, supply chains are [...]

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Could Fenestration Be Affected By The Energy Crisis?

Among the many crises that the UK is battling at the moment, the energy crisis is perhaps one of the most serious. Over the weekend it became clear that factories in all sectors were coming under extreme pressure due to the spiralling cost of gas and electricity. Industry leaders from steel, glass, paper, ceramics [...]

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This Is How Much You Actually Save By Recycling Glass

Recycling is going to play a massive part in the fenestration sector's efforts to reach net zero. PVCu recycling has continued to grow at a good clip, but one area that I believe needs massive improvement is glass recycling. Glass is pretty simple to recycle, yet the number of companies that have taken to [...]

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CNC Recycling Gains NFA Nomination For Recycling Company 2021

CNC Recycling Ltd has been nominated for Recycling Company in the National Fenestration Awards (NFAs). The CNC Recycling team are delighted and very proud to have been recognised by the sector for the recycling services they offer. Melanie Reid, Managing Director, CNC Recycling Ltd said, “Everyone at CNC Recycling is very grateful for all [...]

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Rising Prices: What Fenestration Installers Need To Do

For the installation side of UK fenestration, we now seem to be moving out of a euphoric phase of mega business, into a phase where worries about price rises and a much more challenging business landscape for installers is coming to the fore. Our industry has been hit with wave after wave of price [...]

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