The Best Smart Window May Just Have Arrived

Innovations in the glass sector always continue to amaze me. Out of all the facets which make up the fenestration sector, glass is perhaps the most advanced right now. That advancement continues with the announcement that the University College London (UCL) and EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) have developed a new smart window [...]

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Electrochromic Glass To Become a $4.2bn Market By 2023

The glass we use in our windows and doors in the residential and commercial sectors is getting smarter, quickly. It's not just becoming more and more energy efficient, but we as an industry are understanding better how glass can be used to help control the comfort and climate levels in buildings. Home owners are understanding [...]

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Mixed Fortunes For The Two Largest Glass Houses

My post yesterday made for good reading for many of the companies featured, as their share graphs showed a nice steady rise throughout the year. A good thing of course. However, there was one comparison of two charts in particular which showed two distinctly different fortunes throughout this year. Pilks vs SG These are the [...]

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Japanese Researchers Have Produced A Glass That Is Almost As Strong As Steel

Imagine a window with glass that is about as strong as steel, yet is thin and light. Thanks to Japanese researchers this has come one big step closer. Young's Modulus Here is an article from tech website Gizmodo that explains the development: Scientists in Japan say they’ve fashioned glass that’s almost as strong as steel. [...]

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Saint-Gobain Turns 350 This Week

When it comes to talking about the history of most companies in this industry, many of us talk in years. Some talk in decades. A few talk in half centuries. Saint-Gobain talks about their company history in centuries! This week the glass giant turns the ripe old age of 350. Any way you look at [...]

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Corning: The Glass Age

If you're reading this very article on your smartphone, it's highly likely that the glass your finger is on right now is made by the very same company who have put together this very slick video. The company is called Corning and they are glass specialists. This latest video from the company wants to demonstrate [...]

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Saint-Gobain Turns 350

This year marks the 350th anniversary of one of the industry's biggest glass companies, Saint-Gobain. Let me take this opportunity to congratulate the company on such a long history on what is traditionally a very competitive area of the market, especially when global market conditions remain as up and down as they are right now. [...]

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Tower Bridge’s Amazing New Glass Walkway

Here's a story that's been doing the rounds on the internet over the past week or so, the amazing new glass walkway unveiled at Tower Bridge in London. The 42 metre high walkway is a brilliant demonstration of the versatility and strength of glass as a material. Head for heights I always like seeing these [...]

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The Exciting Possibilities Of Glass Technology

Something a little different for today's post, a video. I found this small Israeli company, based in Tel Aviv, who specialise in glass technology. They are called Gauzy and this video shows us what is possible with glass using technologies that already exist today: Transparent solar cell controlled glass, see-through fridges that let [...]

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Reader Question: Faulty Sealed Units?

Another post, another question from a homeowner. You can see why I need to build a consumer section to this site! Anyway, this time round it is a homeowner who has bought some sealed units online, but is concerned as to the quality of the units they have received. This was his correspondence: Email [...]

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Is There Any Money Left In Glass?

That might sound like a bit of an odd question to ask, seen as though we all need glass throughout all parts of life. It's an essential material we simply could not live without. But when you focus in on our industry specifically, life seems very tough for some of our big glass companies, especially for [...]

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A Day Made Of Glass 2

Remember when I posted the video on this blog of the Corning Glass inspired life we all might living in the near future? If not, here's the link to that post: watch that video again, then watch the one below. A Day Made Of Glass 2 is an expanded vision based on the first [...]

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Lots Of Leads, Lots Of Glass

I'm happy to report today that the busy period after the Summer Slump has continued this week. Plenty of leads made and sales completed. But it is the nature of the leads and these sales which is the reason for this post. Rather than standard windows and doors, we have been selling lots, and I [...]

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London Is The Tail, Wagging The British Dog

I have just spent a fantastic early Valentines weekend with my girlfriend down in London! Its has been a few years since I was there last to stay over, and so much has changed in and around the centre, for the better. But after seeing how much money is being spent in London, it does [...]

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The Shard: The Glazing Industry’s Showpiece

Rarely does glass get to show itself off in such a dramatic and permanent way. The Shard, London's newest and the EU's soon-to-be tallest skyscraper, displays glass to city of London and beyond in a which makes people really sit up and acknowledge glass and all it's incredibility. It's puts it at the forefront of [...]

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