Should Sales People Know How To Fit?

Let me make this one clear, I'm not asking if sales people should be able to fit a window or a door, but if they should have the knowledge of fitting a window or a door. I ask this because I am a firm believer in knowledge being key. In the early days if selling, [...]

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Fitters Are The Face Of Your Company

There always seems to be an enormous amount of focus when it comes to sales, product options and quality. But very often, we don't talk about our fitters much unfortunately. Maybe because the exciting bit form our point of view is now done with that contract and we've moved on to something else. But our [...]

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The Importance Of Good Fitters

The title might seem like something quite obvious, but it is still surprising that there are so many companies which continue to employ poor fitters. Having skilled installers is key. They are the last and most important chain in the whole sales process. You can have the best salesman in the world with the best [...]

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