The title might seem like something quite obvious, but it is still surprising that there are so many companies which continue to employ poor fitters.

Having skilled installers is key. They are the last and most important chain in the whole sales process. You can have the best salesman in the world with the best product in the world, but if the windows and doors aren’t installed right then that amazing sales pitch and fantastic product have all gone to waste and will quite likely lead to a string of after sales calls which will incur the business more costs to put the job right.

We have often found that fitters with experience make customers most at ease. Our fitters are qualified joiners, have done the job for quite a long time and are currently going through NVQ qualification training. Reeling off all that information gives the customer at least some confidence that the job is going to be carried our properly. Fitters with this sort of experience and skill will also mean that the business can get on with the other important job of selling rather than focusing on potential issues to rectify.

It amazes me still how many businesses still continue to employ poor fitters. I know that the perfect fitter is hard to find, but I think if more companies took a bit more pride in the end result then they would find better installers. This is the whole argument for NVQ’s. The qualifications will mean that no random person will be able to just set up business and start bunging in windows. It will hopefully improve the whole fitting stock of the industry and help raise the standard in the public eye.

Again, to most of you this will be quite obvious. But to some it is still a point that isn’t paid enough attention.