After signing up a customer this afternoon for a square bay and 5 windows, I went on to ask why they had chose us as a company. The first reason was the salesman. They said: “he was enthusiastic, clearly knew all there was to know about the product and dealt with us in a very professional manner.” Second was the company itself: “the product we consider to be better than any other we’ve seen, impressed with the energy A rated products available and the fact you have been around for 28 years speaks volumes.”

They admitted that we weren’t the cheapest quote they had got, but could see that by spending a little more, they would have a much better product.

We still hear lots of stories every week of salesmen from other companies not turning up, being way too pushy and ‘in your face’, staying in the home until the customer has to throw the salesman out of the house.

It just shows that if your polite enough, give the customer all the time with you they need (even if your dying to escape!), learn the ins and outs of the product properly, actual ‘selling’ sometimes isn’t required.