happy customer

A Job Worth Doing

Sometimes we have a gripe and a moan about our customers. One of the biggest stresses for a business is keeping your customers happy all of the time, even if things works against you. But sometimes we all have that one customer who brightens up your day and makes you glad to be a sales [...]

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>Silly Season About To Begin

>This is the time of year that always perplexes the industry. There are only seven working weeks left of the year, and it seems that a lot of our dear customers have left it till now to tell us they want their windows and doors replaced...all before Christmas!So, get ready for the abrupt phone calls [...]

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>Good PR

>Question: Who goes and visits the installations they have sold?I make a special effort to go see my installations when I can. You'd be surprised how much this pleases your customers. It shows them you weren't just there to take their money and run, it shows them that you actually care about the work being [...]

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