There’s no doubting it, it’s been a topsy turvy year this year. But is it me, or have the quality of leads this year been distinctly poor? Now up to the end of June my conversion rates have been bang on the 50% mark, but July was so different, much less than compared to the rest of the year.

There seems to periods of time, weeks, sometimes a whole month, where we come across complete tyre-kickers and those who are looking for the cheapest of the cheap. As a company we focus on high quality, energy efficiency and high-spec security, so naturally we are going to be more expensive than those just giving it away. So you could argue we were never going to win those anyway.

The obvious reason for this is because of the dire situation the economy has been in, hopefully the better recent economic figures might inject a bit more confidence into people.

Let me know if any one else has found the situation to be the same with them, or if it’s just me having periodic bouts of bad luck!