It’s been a while since I last looked on Google Trends to see how the double glazing industry was faring up in terms of searches. The results for ‘PVC windows’ in the UK in the last 12 months:

It plain to see that there wasn’t the usual spike in the number of searches in the middle of the year as we have come to expect. From my perspective, the graph perfectly illustrates the type of fluctuating year it has been. Since the beginning of 2009 we have had a constant see-saw effect, where we have had a couple of solid weeks, followed by a couple of quieter weeks, followed then again by a more busy period, as the graph indicates. And this trend has continued on up to present. If you were to look on the year as a whole so far, the search results, and probably business in general has been steady, nothing dramatic like the usual spike in the summer then dive during the winter. To be honest, I think the usual routine for our industry won’t return for at least a couple of years, if not longer, due to the disruption of the economic balance. If we were to look at the trends in exactly one years time, I can see the graph above, and business in general being exactly the same.