>It’s All About Google+

>Google's new social media platform looks set to be the biggest threat to Twitter and Facebook since...well pretty much ever.Up to the point of writing Google+ has a current following of over 10 million. That might not bowl you over straight away when you consider Facebook has passed 700 million users and Twitter 300+ million. [...]

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>Trends Show Composite Surge

>The chart above shows the ever increasing interest in composite doors.We have all seen increasing sales in composite doors over the past few years, mostly due to installation companies pushing them. But what the above images shows is that the general public are now starting to get to know the composite style of door, asking [...]

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>WordPress or Google?

>This blog is soon to grow up and become it's own website. Something which perhaps should have been done a while ago, but there we go, time makes fools of us all. But I just wanted to ask a quick question and I'd like a bit of feedback. Both WordPress and Google allow you to create your own [...]

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>Keeping It Level

>I've not looked on Google Trends for a while so decided to have a browse and see what the double glazing industry search patterns were like. The blue line indicates 'double glazing', and has remained pretty much steady all the way through the year. There isn't the usual rollercoaster shape on the graph which regularly [...]

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>Google Wave

>Now this sounds a bit interesting. Real time communications, real time photo exchange and file exchange. For the larger businesses, they could use this as their new internal messaging service, no reason not to if it speeds everything up. This could also open up the doors wider to the idea of or industry being more [...]

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>Level Trend

>It's been a while since I last looked on Google Trends to see how the double glazing industry was faring up in terms of searches. The results for 'PVC windows' in the UK in the last 12 months:It plain to see that there wasn't the usual spike in the number of searches in the middle [...]

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>Google Analytics, And A Bit Of A Moan

>A feature which I find hugely useful is Google Analytics. Simply copy their tracking code into either your blog or website, and it will automatically track the number of visits per day, where the visitors are in the world, how long they spend on your blog or website, how many are new visits, where visitors [...]

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>Energy Efficient Searches

>Had a look on Google Trends to see how the double glazing industry is faring in Google's searches. The terms 'double glazing' and 'conservatories' showed the obvious trends of being busy in the summer, and dead by December. But searching the term 'energy efficient windows' showed something much different:It shows a huge spike in search [...]

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