The interest in Glassex and other exhibition shows has dampened over the last few years. There needs to be a fresh approach in regaining that interest and put Glassex back at the top of industry shows to attend.

One idea could be to host seminars live on the internet. A big factor in the demise of Glassex was the lack of effort made by people in the industry to actually get there. By streaming the more important seminars live on the internet, those who are actually interested, but don’t have time to get to the exhibition, would still get the chance to interact with the event. Perhaps then a forum section could be devised to host debate and FAQ sessions. This wouldn’t apply just to Glassex though. Any of the major seminars throughout the year could use this method to get their message across to those who aren’t attending.

Perhaps GlassTalk could stream some of their ‘On The Couch’ sessions maybe?

This is just a thought, but it could be useful as a way to reach out to the thousands that are not able to attend these types of events.