GlassTalk Site Gets New Look

Last year we saw the demise of the GlassTalk forum site, which was a shame because in my opinion we don't have enough industry related discussion sites or blogs. But, over the last few days, something seems to be brewing with the site. It has a new layout and is promising a bit of a [...]

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>What’s Going On With Glasstalk?

>When I say Glasstalk, I mean the website, not the networking event.When the site first launched the debate raged on there. There was good banter, reasoned debate. Yes it did get a bit hairy at times, but that was to be expected as there were plenty of competitors on there speaking to each other.But over [...]

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>Has The Industry Got Bored With The Internet?

>Those who visit websites/forums related to the double glazing industry will have no doubt realised that they have fallen quiet over the past few weeks. Glasstalk is a perfect example. The forum really seemed to be gaining momentum with plenty of people logging on, asking questions, causing debates and the odd heated argument. But then [...]

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>Glassex And Best Are No More

>There were rumours flying around during the earlier part of this afternoon, but has just confirmed that Glassex and Best are now cancelled.This is a shame for two reasons. The first; I didn't ever get to go! The second is that this was very much a woeful and disappointing end to what was the industry's show-piece [...]

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>New Glasstalk Website Is Launched

>The long-awaited revamp of the Glasstalk website has finally been unveiled! And it looks good!Major changes include a fully dedicated News section and the introduction of an advertising page. But the first obvious thing is the refreshed layout of the whole site, which is much better and more modern than the previous site. Not there [...]

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>Some Thoughts On A Grim Day

>Dark nights are here now. I'm feeling a bit tired and fed up. So rather than go into a full on post about one subject, I'd rather write about a few little things...just because I cannot be bothered!SubscriptionI've added a proper subscription section in the top right hand corner of the page. RCG has been [...]

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>Where To Have The Next GlassTalk?

>GlassTalk is an expanding event. And the more popular it gets, the more representative it should become. The events held so far have been more to the south of the country. This is fine. The organisers have picked out some very nice venues to date. However, people from the North of the country have found [...]

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>The Day After

>It will be interesting to see some of the early results that came out of GlassTalk on Tuesday. What will be of the most interest to me is how the SGG interview went, and how they tried to justify monumental price increases throughout the year.Also, it would be interesting to hear what most people thought [...]

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>Live Streaming

>The interest in Glassex and other exhibition shows has dampened over the last few years. There needs to be a fresh approach in regaining that interest and put Glassex back at the top of industry shows to attend.One idea could be to host seminars live on the internet. A big factor in the demise of [...]

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