Royal Mail will go on the first of its national strikes on the 22nd and 23rd of September, which in my opinion, will mark the beginning of it suicide as a company.

I say this because as someone who works in a small business, I know how much small (and large) businesses rely still on the services of Royal Mail. They really have managed to wind up just about everyone. So much so that a poll on Sky News recently showed that 75% of all businesses would seriously consider, or already have done, move to another mail delivery company. Despite the rise of the email and the internet, business still relies heavily on the postal service. So much vital correspondence is still sent via the Royal Mail, that to go on strike and lose so many of it clientele is a move that will put the final nail in its coffin.

Fine! Great! Do it! Now that there are so many other delivery companies in the market, some that could arguably do a better job, business doesn’t need to rely on the Royal Mail anymore. Plus, it might encourage more companies to use email a lot more, cutting down on paper usage. As long as business stands up against the strikes and lets Royal Mail know what it thinks of it, which they are doing, and prepares by using other mail delivery companies, there should be minimum disruption.

Not really about double glazing, but I fancied a change!