There are not many things that wind me up, but when people say to me ‘there’s nothing to your job, you’ve got it easy’, it pushes my buttons!

I understand that this is not a physical job, but it’s all the other attributes that make it hard work. If you’re self employed, you find that most of your time is taken up with work, especially if you’re busy or during the summer periods where there are lots more appointments. By the time you finish on a night, you’re either having something to eat an hour or two before bed, or come home to work. Then it’s back to work.

Weekends aren’t always free time either. You could either be manning the showroom, doing more tedious paperwork or going on yet more appointments. Then there are those unlucky enough to work Sundays also. Salesmen rarely get a proper weekend to relax and recharge.

Then you’ve got the appointments themselves. People don’t always realize how hard a task it is to go into someone else’s home and try your best to persuade the customer to place their hard earned cash into your hands. Especially if one half of the couple doesn’t even want to buy at all!

Being self employed also doesn’t mean a regular wage. If you don’t sell, you don’t get paid. Which adds to the stress during the week if you’ve had a slow start. Some salesmen will allow that to get them down, having a positive mental attitude is vital, and mentally exhausting.

Plus the standard strains and stresses that come with customers. So, for those who can do without a social
life, work constant late nights, maintain 110% positivity and work and worry for potentially nothing (and that’s the ones without a family to feed!) then come join our ranks. If not, then keep your mouths shut!