The latest figures from http://www.double-glazing-forum.com/ show an increase in the number of businesses that went bust in September, 222, up from 187 in August. Despite this, I’m still confident that we are on the road to recovery. What also has to be taken into account is that it takes time to close down some businesses, so some of those results for September may just be late in arriving and may not provide a true picture of what is really happening in our industry.

As for ourselves, we’ve had an excellent past two or three months. We have more than a month of solid work booked on in advance; we had a superb weekend last weekend and yesterday was one of our best days of the year. As far as we are concerned, the recession is over and the recovery is on, we survived the downturn and come out the other side of it stronger, smarter and wiser. Leaving us in a position to grow and expand, hopefully taking some of the market share in our area.