Recessions tend to kill off the deadwood in our industry, and are especially hard on the national companies due to their big overheads. Speaking to an inspector from FENSA a little earlier in the year, he told us that the national companies were taking the biggest hits over anyone, a couple of which were really struggling to keep their heads above water. So this got me to thinking, surely the biggest the companies in our industry cannot last much longer? Those who run smaller establishments would love for them to disappear, the amount of leads would increase, and so an increase in business. But I seriously do think that we could lose one, if not two of the big three companies within the next 12-18 months. If trading conditions do not get any better, and with Christmas coming up they won’t, it could turn into a mammoth task for the nationals to keep afloat.

For me the biggest sign of shakiness is over advertising. Anglian have been doing all sorts of different promotions this year, including the ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ offers and more recently their version of the window scrappage scheme.

We will have to wait and see, but if one goes, the others might follow, and if so, there will be a gold rush of new business and revenue for the smaller establishments to get their hands on!

P.S. I’m not putting the link to the scrappage scheme petition on the bottom of my posts anymore!