There’s not much in our industry we get for free. It seems we have to pay for everything we want to be members of! There is a reason for that of course, but non of us really like to spend money on things like that. Which is why online resource is something we all need to be looking at a bit more seriously.

Double Glazing Companies

Double Glazing Companies

DGC is a free to use resource where companies of all kinds within the fenestration sector can register, fill out a very wide range of details and various other sections in order to build up a very detailed profile of the company. As you can see from the image above, there are no ads or sponsor banners, no sponsored links, no paid reviews, all free listings and PEOPLE rate the companies. The reason for this is that the website is aimed at the consumer. When people land on the site, they can search via their postcode what type of company and service they want. Remember, these listings are free, so in essence these are FREE leads.

The website itself is very easy to navigate. I spent a bit of time myself registering the company I work for on there and found the process very easy and very simple. The layout of the site is simple, which is important. There is nothing worse than trying to register on a site when it is hard to understand and work through. However in this case it is not. The colour scheme works well. Green was a bold choice but it does work well with the site! What I am also happy to see on the site is general industry news. After all, this is a site for the industry. There are a lot of websites out there that just plug themselves and call it ‘News’, whereas DGC actually has genuine news, and news from various companies as well. It’s good to be varied!

The Knowledge section of the site is rather useful. It is a general resource that helps explain all the various jargons and terms to the consumer who will probably have very little in terms of fenestration knowledge. It covers pretty much every area with easy to understand explanations. I have often found that our industry doesn’t do a good enough job when it comes to educating the general public out there so it is good to see sites like this having such a detailed resource.

Overall, DGC is a site that adds value to the industry overall and is recognition that online is a very big rising power in our sector. It would be stupid to ignore that and it would be stupid to not register your business for free on DGC too!

You can catch them on Twitter: @DGC_Ltd